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Launched an MVP
I am happy that after 4 months creating several experiments and tests in the local community of Fundão, Portugal - I have finally come to a close regarding our MVP. The startup aims at connecting conscious business with conscious consumers through an online platform that showcases their sustainability values, characteristics and pledges. 
Opened in a new country
Launched Younited in Portugal 🇵🇹
International Growth Manager, Younited Credit
Sep 15, 2021
Launched on ProductHunt
Big day for the Catamaran team. Our first internally incubated idea's pre-release beta went live on Product Hunt.
Design Principal, Catamaran
Launched Startup
We officially launched our #searchengine (🇩🇪 only)
In a nutshell:
  • Founded with a focus on privacy and data protection.
  • The Spotify model as a role model: search with (generic) ads or ad-free search for only 2,- Euro per month.

Feedback is appreciated! <3
Started 18 days ago
Started working on my new website
Worked with Wordpress
Personal Development
Professional Development
Rebranding and redesign of website
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Beginning the process of my professional rebrand. 
New website is launching soon!

Image Description: Digital graphic, text reads "Rebrand in process".
Freelance Social Media Strategist, Maeven Media
Rebranding and redesign of website
Hired an amazing designer to re-brand Printfection and rolled it out on our website.