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Launched OrderAhead in San Antonio to provide families-in-need with a convenient and private means to select from available products to build free "orders" of healthy food that best meets their personal dietary requirements and preferences.
Launched an MVP
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Launched an MVP of my product called "Knewsletters"
Launched a project
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Built a GraphQL API
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With Twilio's SIGNAL Conference 2021, I got to see my first team project go live and be used by more than 10,000 attendees, and our API received more than 13 million requests! It was exhilarating to see such a big project be completed in under 6 months, and I got to work with an incredible team as well.

Couldn't ask for a cooler first project in my career.
Launched on ProductHunt
Another day, another launch. This time on ProduchHunt.
If anyone knows tactics how to increase my exposure there, I‘m all ears. 👂
Founder, Tribevibe
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Launching a side project
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Launching a Clothing Brand
Custom clothing
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Prepping to launch our crowdfunding campaign! 

We’ve gone and made a thing. It’s a garment that solves a specific problem, and this problem affects almost everyone. Very likely you, too.

Join the mailing list and be among the first to find out, get on the insider ring with pre-launch updates, and get a special thank you  when the product drops.
Launched an E-Commerce Website
Do you know what Kime Newen is?

It means "good energy" in mapudungun, the language of the chilean aborigens Mapuche. It also is a small company based on Chiloé island, southern Chile, ran by a energic Mapuche descendent entrepeneur devoted to rescue some traditional products of Chiloé, such the Elephant Garlic and black garlic procesed there.

We designed Kime Newen's website with the idea of selling her best-selling products and showcasing a bit of her culture in a minimalist style design that underlines the amazing photos and delivers the content of the website in a friendly and non-overwhelming way.

Now Andrea (the woman behind this company) has a place in the web for her new venture.