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Achieved Salesforce Platform Developer 2! This one was actually challenging.
Salesforce Developer, 8Squad
Earned a Certificate
Finally got that PD1 exam done!
Salesforce Developer, Clouding Around
Sep 13, 2021
Built a Team
The team is growing? Again?!
Yep, yes we are. A new front-end developer has arrived in our team. Welcome Cosmin!
Solution Architect, Omniconvert
Volunteered for a leadership position
Restarted my local chapter of the PayPal Innovation Lab 💡
Mar 15, 2021
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Managed a 3D Artist
Lead a Development Team
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+ 3
Launched Virtrex Showrooms at IDX_FS 2021!
  • Move through 3D showrooms and look at 3D product in real time
  • Pick up any product and look at it from all sides or read further product descriptions
  • Talk to a sales person through a Video Call for further information
Squad Lead, Convidera GmbH
Built a Team
Launched a product
We released Algolia Recommend UI — the frontend libraries for the new product Algolia Recommend.

Recommend is a new service that computes AI models based on past search events to recommend products, or products that are frequently bought together.

I led this project, built a team of 4 people, designed the elements, and developed the libraries (API client and UI components).

Check it out on GitHub and Product Hunt.