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Nov 22, 2021
Built a Team
6 months later, we onboarded 2 senior engineers, 1 junior engineer, and 1 intern.  

Everyone followed our team's internal onboarding document and contributed to it on areas of improvement.  

The senior engineers are leading large projects.  The intern finished their project on time.  Our junior engineer is hitting their stride and making meaningful contributions to the codebase.

I created training around leading the scrum ceremonies and we just finished a full rotation with everyone leading once.  

I'm really happy with how our team culture sponsors autonomy and ownership.
Built a Team
Started mentoring
Due to a departmental restructure, I was entrusted with building a new junior team for the ad operations team. The task involved:

  • Working with the Human Resource team to get the job ads out
  • Filter incoming candidates * arrange interviews
  • Conducting interviews & deciding on who gets the job
  • Create a welcome kit & training agenda for the new starter
  • Training the new starter with help from my team
  • Mentoring & enabling them to grow into senior positions over 1.5 years
Two things I learned:
  1. Make your interviews fun & educational.
  2. Mentoring means being patient & listening to the other person's opinions. No ego!
Digital Ad Operations Manager, Foxtel Media
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Earned a Learn Bootstrap certificate on Codecademy!
Junior Web Developer, Bleskomat
Jul 15, 2015
Earned a Certificate
UIT, Cape Breton University Web Development and Lean/Agile Startup Methodologies
An intensive project-based web development program, UIT provided Full-Stack Dev/Ops training, coupled with Lean startup entrepreneurship models and Agile development strategies.

It was designed to produce graduates who were prepared to step into leadership roles at high tech startups.

Back end Tech:
- NodeJS
- Nginx configuration
- Server maintenance
- API design
- SQL and NoSQL deployments

Front end work included:
- JS frameworks (e.g. React)
- Templating languages (Mustache)
- Design (Canva, Bootstrap, Sketch)
- Ionic
- App Design

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Earned a Learn TypeScript certificate on Codecademy!
Junior Web Developer, Bleskomat
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Earned a Learn Vue.js certificate on Codecademy!
Junior Web Developer, Bleskomat