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Started 27 days ago
Created a Udemy account
Learning Arabic
Taking an online language course
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Today I signup at Udemy. The first course I am taking is the Arabic language. It will surely not be easy but hoping to learn and apply it effectively. Four years in Kuwait, finally taking a leap of faith of trying something new.Β 

Aug 20, 2021
Learned Korean
Completed the Korean 1A Class (Beginner Korean 1) at the King Sejong Institute (Korean Cultural Center, Philippines) πŸ‡°πŸ‡·

Wrote about my experience here: A Beginner's Diary on Learning Korean

Rupali Roychoudhury


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Started about 2 months ago
Learning Spanish
Spanish lessons with Juan

I met a passionate and energetic teacher via Preply in Nov 2020. We study twice a week where we practice grammar for one class and practice conversation for the other one.
Learned Italian
Lived in Italy
Working remotely
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Starting my morning Italian classes today in Siena! Retroactively embarrassed by all the verb tenses and words I now know I've been using incorrectly. But, here's to hoping I can fluently order many more pastries full of nutella and have intelligible conversations about future and past events by this time next month. Stay tuned for more linguistic faux pas and updates.

Oggi ho iniziato le classe private di italiano a Siena! Non posso usare tutti i tempi verbali en italiano che sopra sono uscita - ma posso dire che spero di parlare molto meglio il italiano il prossimo mese. Grazie a mio professore, Mauro!Β 
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Travelled to Japan
Became Conversational in Japanese
Had my first (simple) conversation in Japanese with someone who wasn't a family member after 7 months of rigorous study!
Sep 17, 2021
Learned French
Michele, my tutor, was having a lot of fun quizzing me about my assigned podcast about the Tour de France and wondered how I knew what a peloton was. :)