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cyber security
Installed Ubuntu
Setup an ELK Stack on Ubuntu Server 20.04. Getting ready to improve my SIEM skills with Sysmon, SIGMA and Atomic Red Team
Installed Debian
Early adopter
Installed Debian Bo (Debian GNU/Linux 1.3), and started to get involved in the (then raging) "Distro Wars" and "package format" wars, always on team .deb !
Installed Slackware
Installed Linux
Installed Slackware Linux 2.1 in my new Pentium 75 

Sep 02, 2004
Learnt Linux
Learnt WHM/cPanel
Learnt CentOS
Worked with WHM-AutoPilot
Worked with Modernbill
Developed internal support tools
Migrated customers to improved billing system
Increased revenue
Started a new role at HostDime Global Corp
+ 7
I worked for, Inc. a web hosting company specializing in Linux and Windows based hosting solutions, from September 2004 through September of 2008.

I started as a Technical Support Representative, and eventually took on the roles of being the evening shift Technical Support Manager, a
web developer for internal tools, and tier-2 Linux system administrator.

My responsibilities and accomplishments include:

  • Support Training and Documentation
  • Development of policies and procedures
  • Implementing configuration standards, thus increasing service stability
  • Planning and coordination of software updates to 300+ live servers, resulting in zero complications
  • Implementation and administration of 10 systems responsible for accounting and payment processing
  • Implementation of custom billing and support tools to streamline operations
Technical Support Manager / Developer / System Administrator, HostDime Global Corp
Jan 01, 2004
Designed website
Grasped basics of HTML & CSS
Used LAMP Stack
Installed Gentoo l
Designed Graphics
Practiced Photography
+ 4
When I was 12, my estranged uncle parachuted into my life, handed me a cheque for $2000, then disappeared as quickly as he had come, never to be heard from again.

A week later, my mom took me down to a computer store on Yonge St. and we bought the first computer that really belonged just to me. It had an 800Mhz Pentium III, a Voodoo 5 5500 Graphics accelerator, a chonky old CRT monitor with digital face buttons to run the degauss cycle, and a CD burner.

We packed it into the trunk along with boxed copies of Quake II, Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament. I don't think my butt hit the car seat once on the drive back.

A few years later, I bootstrapped it with Gentoo Linux, set it up in the attic, and sudo emerge apache. Heady times.

This was just around the time that CSS3 and Google Chrome came out. My head was swimming with highfalootin notions of Software Freedom, semantic HTML, the Open Web, and separation of concerns. 

So what does a stoned, science-curious, HTML hacking bash jockey do? Convince tech support to give him a static IP and spin up a LAMP stack, duh.

Does this count as cringe porn yet?
Created a Linux distribution
I started working on a Linux From Scratch distribution. I named it Papiya Linux after my mom. Unfortunately, I posted the updates on Google+, and with its demise, those are gone. The files are also lost after I changed PC.