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Installed Linux
Another day, another machine setup with Fedora Linux. Today's adventure is with a personal 2015 MacBook Pro that I applied the same set of extensions to that I use on my work computer. I really like the way this thing looks!
Switched Linux Desktop Environments
A couple of weeks ago I switched from KDE to Gnome on my work computer and think I finally have a setup I will stick with for a good long while. I absolutely hate stock Gnome, but with the right extensions it is actually quite nice. 

I am using Gnome 41.2 on Fedora 35 with these extensions: I heard about a few of these via OMG! Ubuntu and heard about Blur my Shell on one of the Destination Linux Network podcasts.

Blur my Shell does a surprisingly good job of making improving the appearance and sophistication of the desktop. 

Desktop Cube is simply fun... it doesn't improve efficiency or make me more productive per se, but it does make me happy.

On the other end of the spectrum are Frippery Move Clock and Notification Banner Position: Gnome's clock is in the center top by default and, when at my desk, my webcam overlaps my monitor frame just enough that the dead center top isn't visible. Moving it and its notifications to the right solves that issue and makes things look a little more like other operating systems.

All in all, I am really happy with the way things look and function. Here's to hoping that satisfaction lasts.
Installed Linux
A computer I built in May of 2013 for my parents has now been upgraded from Windows 10 to Pop_OS!  Dad is really happy with the new setup too!

One of the cool thins about using Linux is that it can do many things that Windows can't, like use a SanDisk ReadyCache SSD as a boot drive. When I built this computer in 2013 I installed the ReadyCache drive as a cost effective way to speed up the Windows installation that resided on a 7200 RPM SATA drive. Now that same cache drive contains the entire Pop_OS! installation.
Jul 07, 2021
Started using Linux
Started using Manjaro
Started using Manjaro-Linux
Dec 08, 2021
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Upgraded Fedora
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I wrote about getting set up with Windows Subsystem for Linux in, WSL Web Developer Setup with Fedora 35
Nov 13, 2021
Used Strapi
Installed an NGINX web server
Installed Ubuntu
Built a PostgreSQL Database
Headless CMS
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I set up an Ubuntu server on Linode with Nginx, PostgreSQL, and Strapi as a content management system for my developer site, I'll access the content via API calls from SvelteKit, possibly with images hosted on Cloudinary.