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Nov 13, 2021
Used Strapi
Installed an NGINX web server
Installed Ubuntu
Built a PostgreSQL Database
Headless CMS
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I set up an Ubuntu server on Linode with Nginx, PostgreSQL, and Strapi as a content management system for my developer site, I'll access the content via API calls from SvelteKit, possibly with images hosted on Cloudinary.  
Installed Linux
Upgraded Fedora
Fedora 34 ➡️ 35 ✅ I'm interested to see how the new features like WirePlumber shake out. has more details for anyone interested.
Spoke on open source
Spoke at a Linux conference
Spoke at Ohio Linuxfest
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Presented "Keeping an Open Mind About Open Source" at Ohio Linuxfest 2013:
Feb 12, 2021
Obtained a certificate
Linux Professional
Linux DevOps
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I increased my knowledge with LPI-DevOps and be proud to be a Linux Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer. 
Jan 11, 2021
Obtained a certificate
Linux Professional
I have finished my first step as Linux administrator and passed the LPIC-1 from Linux Professional Institute.
Started 4 months ago
cyber security
Installed Ubuntu
Setup an ELK Stack on Ubuntu Server 20.04. Getting ready to improve my SIEM skills with Sysmon, SIGMA and Atomic Red Team