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Nov 20, 2021
Updated OpenStreetMap
Found that a nearby mall that recently opened hadn't yet been updated on OpenStreetMap, so I thought I'd go check it out and do a little simple mapping around the area 🗺️

By no means do I have sophisticated surveying tech like sub-metre GPS or LIDAR scanning (it's just me using Vespucci on my Android phone) to be bold enough to do super detailed edits, but at least it's still better than leaving the area as a bare space still under construction... 
May 23, 2021
Used React.js
Google Maps
Submitted a project to Mental Health Hacks from MLH!

I created a website called TheraTracker, which identifies nearby therapists and psychiatrists.

This was quite a fun project, since it was my first experience with frontend web development and React (and connecting it to a backend).
Oct 14, 2020
Attended an industry event
attended a conference
People gripe about Virtual Life These Days, but I've been enjoying going a la carte for Day 1 of NACIS 2020. After the Daily Nexus and AIGA, this group may become my third para-professional cult. Did I check in with the morning welcome, then go out for a 15-mile bike ride, then get back in time for presentations by Sarah Bell and Anton Thomas? Yes, yes I did.
Contributed to open source
Updated OpenStreetMap
Achieved a personal goal
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Rode and and then mapped Hurricane, Sendero, the Flow Connector, and most of Charlie Don't Surf to OSM
May 11, 2021
Created a Map
designed a map
printed a map
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Cheaply printed some stuff at Fedex for the first time since, oh, 2019. Nature is healing and whatnot. Why? To help show off a new brief/updated portfolio entry for my custom fantasy maps! I alluded to the project's ongoing permutations with not only more of my own personal mockups containing labels and other goodies, but also custom work for other campaigns, detailed localized city maps, and, inevitably, traditional hobbity/Mappa Mundi-style pieces. Check it out here.

Contributed to open source
Updated OpenStreetMap
Updated OpenStreetMap with trails and other features mapped on an MTB ride through Yokun Ridge and Kennedy Park