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No joke—you can buy our copy/paste keyboard right now

Together with Stack Overflow, we finally launched The Key: a fully programmable macropad designed to copy and paste to your heart's content! It's been a loooong time since we first pranked folks with this back on April Fools' Day, and I'm so excited to see it out now and getting into the hands of memers developers everywhere!

This project was featured in a few places including:
Sep 27, 2021
Built a Mechanical Keyboard
Published a blog post
Sep 25, 2021
Published a Project to Github
Modded a mechanical keyboard
Built a Rust firmware for my @Clueboard LP keyboard using Keyberon
Aug 28, 2021
Built a Mechanical Keyboard

Sofle V2

Switches: AEBoard Naevys v1 (lubed Krytox 205g0)
Keycaps: KAT Katha Baybayin
Built a keyboard
I had a lot of fun building my first mechanical keyboard, a Keebio Iris. 🤓 It’s a small split keyboard with a vertical stagger… and the most comfortable thing I’ve ever typed on!
Built a Mechanical Keyboard
Needed a keyboard upgrade and decided to delve into the world of semi-custom mechanical keyboards!  This is a TM680 with some Durock T1's, and some PBT pudding caps from Amazon. It's might be a little TOO bright, but it's fun to look at, and great to type on!