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Aug 28, 2021
Built a Mechanical Keyboard

Sofle V2

Switches: AEBoard Naevys v1 (lubed Krytox 205g0)
Keycaps: KAT Katha Baybayin
Built a keyboard
I had a lot of fun building my first mechanical keyboard, a Keebio Iris. 🤓 It’s a small split keyboard with a vertical stagger… and the most comfortable thing I’ve ever typed on!
Built a Mechanical Keyboard
Needed a keyboard upgrade and decided to delve into the world of semi-custom mechanical keyboards!  This is a TM680 with some Durock T1's, and some PBT pudding caps from Amazon. It's might be a little TOO bright, but it's fun to look at, and great to type on!
Built a keyboard
Built my first split keyboard!

Lily58 board with custom 3d printed case
NP Crayon keycaps by KBDfans

Once you go split, you never go back!
Built a keyboard
Built another mechanical keyboard!

Function96 board designed by JuanTapMan, with robin's egg blue cerakote
C3 x TKC Kiwi Switches
Infinikey Pastel PBT Rainbow keycaps designed by mintlodica
Built a keyboard
Built my third mechanical keyboard (right).

On the left: XD75Re board with wooden case and DSA Magic Girl keycaps (round 1) designed by mintlodica

On the right: Budget96 board by Donut Cables and GMK Oblivion keycaps (round 2) designed by Oblotzky