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Made a meme with some friends, a Filipino version of the "what do you want to measure?" flowchart in the context of Brits πŸ˜†

Made this in FigJam! If you want to steal it or just add to it, here:

Special thanks to Tambayan 404 for adding more to this after initially sharing it in our meme channel πŸ˜†
Created a meme for presentation slides
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Wrote a 12 tweet thread (or 12 slide presentation) outlining some of the design and branding changes coming to Philly's transit system!

See the full thread at:
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MDD: Meme-Driven Development

I gave this talk to help kick off DevBreak coming this next week!
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Created a new badge called D-A-CH for people from Germany, Switzerland or Austria.Β 
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Looks like I'm creating memes now.
This one's about a wool-shop I designed since all wool-shops look like they're being built in Word 95 πŸ’β€β™€οΈ
Aug 22, 2021
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I created a new badge for any of you who might also be a fan of The Weeknd! The badge is XOTWOD. 😎