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Nov 09, 2021
Created a Twitter Bot
Reached 500 Followers
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Created print ur tweet, a printer that receives tweets with #printmytweet, snaps a picture and sends it back in a reply.

Stats for the first hour:
  • 30,000 organic tweet impressions

Stats for the first day:
  • 500 printed tweets
  • 130,000 organic tweet impressions
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Made funny, relevant, and informational memes relating to Good Story Company's overarching marketing and business goals.
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Digital content creator
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La palabra “normalizar” ha venido para quedarse pero su uso debe crecer, expandirse y estar mucho más trillado de lo que ya está. Normalicemos la normalización de las normalidades…
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Made a TikTok
Made a little joke poking fun at the idea of recruiters constantly asking women (and other underrepresented/historically excluded groups) to help them recruit others.
Made a TikTok
Made my annual Halloween spooky CSS video!
Oct 26, 2021
Made a meme
Windows: New Java update available