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Jun 19, 2021
Posted on Instagram
Asian American
My mind is blown away by the amount of views one of my reels is getting on Insta.  The very reel I was so hesitant and nervous of sharing because as an Asian American – or rather as an Asian who wasn’t born and raised in an Asian country – I was taught to hold my tongue, not make a scene, and to fit in.  

I didn’t realize people would still be watching this reel or liking it for that matter.  A part of me cringes because “uh-oh, people” and another part of me jumps for joy because nothing trumps the feeling of being heard and feeling like my voice actually matters. 

It feels like a big win for me because for far too long have I struggled to find my voice and to speak up on topics that matter to me. And even though I don’t really know how to navigate writing my take on the Asian American experience, at least I feel like I’ve opened the door for it to happen. 

My anxiety may sometimes deter me from being vulnerable and taking action, but little by little, I hope with time the courage outgrows the anxiety within me.

You can watch the reel here: Turning things people said to me irl and as a model into inspirational quote (Asian American Edition)

Mar 06, 2021
Dealt with Racial Imposter Syndrome
If I asked you to guess where I’m from? What would you say?

In this post, I discuss racial imposter syndrome: https://www.instagram.com/p/CME0EvUF_RN/