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Created by Jason Rai, Principal Software Engineer, Director of Consumer Applications at HomeX
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Just released an update to an app I'm working on to the Playstore. 
I'm glad I'm getting comfortable releasing mobile apps to production.

Pretty sweet 😄😄 getting a notification to update the app on my device after the app is live. 
Sep 06, 2021
used react native
Nearly done with our React Native MVP apps!
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Released the first version of the new AD app (and HLN, DG, ED and many more) in Rotterdam 
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Create my first flutter app, available on the android PlayStore, called RedTime. It helps making redmine time imputation easier.
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Initial public release of Moodagent! 🎉
Product Designer, Moodagent
Aug 11, 2021
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I built a debate timer application for the New York City Urban Debate League.  I worked on addressing the accuracy of setInterval and dynamically updating color schemes.  Can't wait to get some users!