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Nov 28, 2021
Learning about neuroscience
Learning about cybersecurity
Just got selected to compete for my school's Science Olympiad team!

I'll be competing in BirdSO in A&P, Detector Building, and Cybersecurity!

Excited to start grinding for this!

Oct 20, 2021
Learning about neuroscience
Circuit design
Joined the Science Olympiad team at my school! I joined the A&P event and detector building event.

In A&P, we're going to be studying the nervous system, which will hopefully give me a lot more insight on how it works, and neuroscience in general.

In detector building, we're going to be building a lot of circuits with Arduinos, and programming them!

Hopefully I get to compete and win a few medals (please i need this)
Wrote a talk
Learning about neuroscience
Studied Machine Learning
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I had the opportunity to talk about how we can improve the robustness of the CNN by incorporating neural data from the paper  Learning From Brains How to Regularize Machines
Jul 22, 2021
Learning about neuroscience
ive been reading about brain facts using simply neuroscience's resources! 
Jul 17, 2021
Learning about neuroscience
Taking notes
I learned about Neuroscience thanks to Brain Facts Book! Read my notes on my website.
Baby's First Diagnosis
After spending years in therapy merely treating it as a buffer between me and the Void, I decided to finally commit to moving forward in some fashion since I was truly struggling with my mental health.

In early December, I got my ADHD diagnosis (among others), which led to starting ADHD medication. I cannot begin to describe the impact that his has had on every facet of my life. I would not be here if it weren't for my dear Vyvanse.