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Nov 11, 2021
Team development
Used Next.js
Using Tailwind CSS
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Joined the developer team at Lumiere!

The website is SUPER awesome and I'm learning a bunch of new technologies + ways to efficiently use Next.js!

So far I've been working on the frontend and learning Tailwindcss, but hopefully I can start working on the juicier stuff as I go on!

I've also gotten into the habit of utilizing a lot of Git's features to maximize productivity, efficiency, and organization! 

Here are some screenshots of what I've made here so far!

Designed a Mock Up
Redesigned a website
Launched a new website
Used Next.js
Using Tailwind CSS
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This week I started on the next iteration of my personal website.

The plan is to keep track of my work experience and highlight some recent projects I’ve worked on. There’s still a lot to add, but my goal is to keep it lean at first to prioritize getting something published.

It was also a great opportunity to give TailwindCSS a try and use Next.js for the first time!
Started 19 days ago
Working on a side project
Using Next.js
chrome extension
Designing a Backend System
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Simply Synonyms

I'm working on a brand new release of my browser extension, Simply Synonyms.
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Live Streamed
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🥳🚀😱 Just in time after Clerk released the Auth v2 I published my new post where I explain how to use NextShield with Clerk to handle RBAC and Private routes in Next.js.
See the post here.
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Used the Notion API
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I Think You Should Leave Database

When Notion launched its API, I was really eager to find a fun project to explore it. I didn't expect I would dive completely into React, but once I started I kept digging. Along the way I learned about Next.js and server side rendering as well.

Check out the I Think You Should Leave Database →