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Created by Sydney Scott, Go-to-Market Summer Associate at Polywork
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Founded a Non-Profit Chapter
  • Established first-ever Milspouse Coders chapter at VAFB; focused on developing/enhancing skills to allow military family members skills relevant for remote work--helped address underemployment of military families who have to move too often to maintain gainful employment
  • Facilitated monthly computer programming classes for 12 students/chapter members; taught or facilitated courses in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Salesforce admin training, SoQL and Python
  • Led overall program administration, including social media engagement, marketing, and recruiting
  • Recruited and trained new chapter leader; aided 2 chapter members landing meaningful work
Volunteered with a charity
Co-founed a charity!
I co-founded a charity named "Alokito Pathshala" (means  Enlightened school) with some of my friends in 2015. Now I volunteer here as a vice president.