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Oct 27, 2021
Created an Obsidian.md plugin
Inspired to start by the Obsidian October event, I created a new plugin for the Obsidian note taking tool, called Link Archive. The plugin lets you create archive links for the external links in your note using archive.org, ensuring you can access them in the future even if the original site goes down.

Oct 14, 2021
Created an Obsidian.md theme
Inspired to start by the Obsidian October event, I created a new theme for the Obsidian note taking tool, called Sodalite. The theme is now available both in-app and on GitHub: https://github.com/tomzorz/Sodalite

Reverse-engineered a program
Wrote JavaScript
Created an Obsidian.md plugin
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I reverse-engineered Obsidian and built a custom plugin loader called Volcano. I also developed a collection of plugins to go with it. Several of my plugins have been incorporated directly into the application, and I inspired the developers to create a native plugin system.
Created an Obsidian.md theme
I developed a theme for Obsidian based on Atom One Dark's color scheme, which is now one of the most-downloaded themes on the marketplace.
Jun 10, 2021
Taking notes
Learned Obsidian.md
Started trying out using Obsidian for managing my notes: https://obsidian.md/

Have tried out various systems before (Roam, Mindforger, TiddlyWiki), but currently giving this a whirl as a free knowledge management tool
Jun 17, 2021
Released a guide
Developed a guide
Created a product prototype
Wrote Content
Learned Obsidian.md
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I've been working on a new guide - based on my experiences with Obsidian.md - a tool for creating "digital gardens" - a way to store all your knowledge for projects and ideas, and use it to generate new ones by seeing connections between things.

Called obsidian.garden - it's open-source and available on GitHub and it is developed actively and in the open - feedback and suggestions are welcome.