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Reverse-engineered a program
Wrote JavaScript
Created an Obsidian.md plugin
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I reverse-engineered Obsidian and built a custom plugin loader called Volcano. I also developed a collection of plugins to go with it. Several of my plugins have been incorporated directly into the application, and I inspired the developers to create a native plugin system.
Created an Obsidian.md theme
I developed a theme for Obsidian based on Atom One Dark's color scheme, which is now one of the most-downloaded themes on the marketplace.
Jun 10, 2021
Taking notes
Learned Obsidian.md
Started trying out using Obsidian for managing my notes: https://obsidian.md/

Have tried out various systems before (Roam, Mindforger, TiddlyWiki), but currently giving this a whirl as a free knowledge management tool
Jun 17, 2021
Released a guide
Developed a guide
Created a product prototype
Wrote Content
Learned Obsidian.md
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I've been working on a new guide - based on my experiences with Obsidian.md - a tool for creating "digital gardens" - a way to store all your knowledge for projects and ideas, and use it to generate new ones by seeing connections between things.

Called obsidian.garden - it's open-source and available on GitHub and it is developed actively and in the open - feedback and suggestions are welcome.