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Jul 01, 2018
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Interactive on-line overview of 5000 public, private and non-profit projects in Croatia co-funded with 4 billion 
Euros from various EU instruments, including weekly contracting figures.

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I have contributed into #hacktoberfest2021 uploading four audio #datasets on #DagsHub and #GitHub with complete documentation. You can now access all open-source dataset at one place.
Public Domain Sounds:
Urdu Dataset:
Voice Gender Detection:
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Urdu Audio Dataset
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I have contributed to the URDU dataset by making it parseable on DagsHub and easy to consume! as a part of hacktoberfest2021


Sep 11, 2021
Published a dataset is a dataset of cryptic crossword clues, collected from various blogs and publicly available digital archives. I originally started this project to practice my web scraping and data engineering skills, but as it’s evolved I hope it can be a resource to solvers and constructors of cryptic crosswords.

The project scrapes several blogs and digital archives for cryptic crosswords. Out of these collected web pages, the clues, answers, clue numbers, blogger’s explanation and commentary, puzzle title and publication date are all parsed and extracted into a tabular dataset. The result (as of September 2021) is over half a million clues from cryptic crosswords over the past twelve years, which makes for a rich and peculiar dataset.
Sep 05, 2021
Published a dataset
Decent correlation between return to office that many experienced on September 1 and corporate travel booking data from TripActions here... Head back to the office, then start booking in-person meetings again.

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Here's the result of my and Leonid Evdokimov ( work to collect the data on russia's twitter throttling:


Webpage, that was used to collect the data: