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Advancing Digital Skills When Needed Most
As survivors of a global crisis, bright young professionals are entering the labor market equipped with new skills, fresh perspective, and boundless energy. These are the stories of recent graduates of the SAP Young Professionals program, who have good reason to celebrate as they establish their careers in a growing marketplace for SAP skills and digital jobs.


Managed direct reports
Got the chance to change teams internally and take on two direct reports. Looking forward to dipping my toe in the management waters and seeing if it's a path I'd like to follow.
Aug 01, 2021
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New quarter at work.  Adding more amazing folks to our team as we grow our Federal practice. Still looking for additional presales engineers or data architects that want to tackle large data challenges in the Fed space with us.
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I traveled to Northwestern Mexico to talk about my career so far, soft skills, my favourite books (back then) and what I thought helped me unblock my potential as a software engineer and team lead

I also saw a lot of people that I missed, met a bunch of new folks, and spent some quality time with friends and coworkers
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Started as a Marketing Head & Editor (Volunteer) for
Birdseye Publication

An independent student-run business publication that to publish articles based on entrepreneurs in the Bay Area with an aim to provide insights into 
  • How to start a business
  • Exposure to real stories from real Entrepreneurs
  • Tips on running a successful business
  • Motivation for Entrepreneurs
  • Build connections through talking!

produced by students enrolled at San Francisco State University.

Responsibilities overtaken:
  • Develop Marketing Strategies
  • Acquire Target Audience
  • Connect with Entrepreneurs for Collaboration
  • Interview CEOs of Self Built Businesses
  • Publish Articles based on Biographies of Interviewees