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Nov 01, 2021
Managed direct reports
Onboarded two product designers as direct reports, internal switches from other teams to a new product area.
Attended a training
Attended an UiPath AI Center training… just to learn what it can do for my customers

Reassigned an employee to a new project
Reassigned an employee to another project aligned with her new objectives
Resource Management Operations Project Lead - DEI, Cognizant
Attended a training
Attended "Be a Brilliant People Developer" training course. I'm new to management but I'm trying to get it as right as I can, and learning as I go!
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Wrote a new blog post
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Advancing Digital Skills When Needed Most
As survivors of a global crisis, bright young professionals are entering the labor market equipped with new skills, fresh perspective, and boundless energy. These are the stories of recent graduates of the SAP Young Professionals program, who have good reason to celebrate as they establish their careers in a growing marketplace for SAP skills and digital jobs.


Managed direct reports
Got the chance to change teams internally and take on two direct reports. Looking forward to dipping my toe in the management waters and seeing if it's a path I'd like to follow.