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Completed tests with a new tool
Completed Performance tests using a new Performance Testing tool
Pushed my first performance tests.

Improved workflows
Improved performances
Improved the build timings of 7 products' websites in the Zoho Finance suite by implementing a custom cache that works on tree-based diffing. Some of these sites have 20,000+ pages.

The build and deploy timing was brought down from 10+ minutes to less than 1 minute for cold starts, 20-30 seconds for warm starts and <500ms for rebuilds.
Built a feature
Improved performances
One week ago we released the new Analytics for Teamtailor - powered by our own Rust service running on AWS.

Better performance and more filters will help recruiters get a look at the data they're very interested in, faster! 🎉

Developer, Teamtailor
Improved performances
Wrote a parser in Ragel
Rewrote the go-urn parser with a finite-state machine to improve performances by ~8x.