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By acknowledging that we don't always have all the information and that we might be making assumptions based on our own beliefs, we can seek to find ways to explore and collaborate to gain more information and challenge those assumptions. Then we can make better decisions.
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Enjoyed Reimagining Youth Skills Post-Pandemic event hosted by DEVCON Philippines and I'm super glad and proud of myself that they used my profile as an exemplary example for best tips on LinkedIn for fresh grads. Thank you Petr Sebesta and Zdenka Bohunicka!
Working on inclusion
Supporting Inclusion
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Amplified antiracist work
Racism prevention
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Achieved a personal goal
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Contribution to a more inclusive language: It is important to me to support the work already done by my colleagues in the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC community; to learn from it; to build on it and to make it visible. I have seen the need to push for a deeper discussion about diversity and racism prevention in communication work and to raise the discussion to another, higher level. So that it doesn't just remain a discussion, but that there are also trainings, handouts and guidelines. Now I am happy that my ideas have been taken up in the network.

Took a sabbatical
Sometimes, we all need some time off. Iā€™d planned to spend it travelling. Instead, Iā€¦
  • wild-camped a lot šŸ•
  • developed professionally, learned Eleventy, and blogged šŸ‘©ā€šŸ’»
  • became vegan šŸ„¦
  • learned how to fly a plane āœˆļø
Attended an insights workshop
Who is familiar with the Carl Jung color energies insights? I had the opportunity to go through testing and a workshop and I find the theory to be very interesting (and scarily accurate).

Iā€™m blue energy with green.
@multiplay3r ā€¦I think you are RED! šŸ˜‚
Executive Office of the CMO, Collibra
Aug 09, 2021
Achieved a personal goal
A few weeks back I summited my 3rd and 4th 14er in Colorado. These routes were extremely difficult, but we pushed through all the same.

I was reflecting on how important it is to get away and achieve something for yourself from time to time. Entrepreneurs often get caught in the "building" stages: people, companies, revenue, EBITDA, etc. etc... I believe it's important to sneak away to the mountains and experience a bit of your own personal growth from time to time.

šŸ“ø: I snapped this shot on a remote mountain lake as a storm was moving over the pass. Right time, right place.