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Jan 24, 2022
CIPD Level 5 Qualification
People and culture
Employment Law
Employee Engagement
Achieved a personal goal
+ 3
Today I got the notice that I completed the final module as part of my year-long CIPD qualification. This qualifies me in HR in the UK with a real understanding of leadership management, Learning and Development, Employee Engagement and Employment Law - all vital tools for any HR Professional.

As someone who doesn't do well studying, with a history of dropping out and a background not conducive to a successful career; I'm super proud of myself. It feels like a major milestone and will allow me to succeed in my profession longer term.
I've been confident as a People Leader in my role for some time now, but this really solidifies my position as the People Expert at Canda. 
Achieved a personal goal
Completed the training to lead and admin Virtual Orientation with less than 2 months under my Shipt tenure. Killing it. 
Shopper Operations Specialist, Shipt
Jan 12, 2022
Achieved a personal goal
PC Gaming
Played League of L
Teamfight Tactics
+ 2
I reached Diamond IV in Riot Games' Teamfight Tactics on this date. Next up: Masters!

Took a sabbatical
Took personal time off from work to take care of certain family circumstances and also take care of personal health. 

Recruited at all levels
Had a baby
Went down a Twitter rabbit hole
Achieved a personal goal
Ran a Business
Brainstormed with a Mentor
Practiced Meditation
+ 5
Big year! I brought my second child into the world, sacrificed 780+ hours of sleep to raise little humans, recruited dozens of excellent people into tech. Brainstormed new business ideas with friends and mentors (3 good ideas, the rest bad). Developed a dedicated meditation practice (3,000 hours clocked so far), saved a lot of money, learned 25+ new recipes, went through an impressive amount of Meiomi Pinot Noir. Let's go, 2022!
Made my physical, mental and spiritual health a priority.
This year, I'm so grateful I've been healthy and I actively, consistently worked on getting healthier!

I’ve always had to take my physical/mental/spiritual health seriously in the past, but this year it was a conscious choice to make it one of my top priorities to develop better habits and systems to support myself.

Definitely don’t regret that, and going to keep the positive momentum going into the next year. 🎉