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Sep 17, 2021
Spoke on the Developers Hangout Podcast
I spoke to James Perkins on the Developer Hangout Podcast

Scott Spence | Developers Hangout (simplecast.com)
Developer Advocate, GraphCMS
Jul 15, 2021
Spoke on the CodingCat.dev Podcast
I had a chat with Brittney and Alex on the CodingCat.dev Podcast

1.31 - Delivering Digital Content with GraphCMS (codingcat.dev)
Developer Advocate, GraphCMS
Featured on Learnbytes Podcast
Spoke on podcast

LearnBytes episode #25 - Taiss Quartapa: Why leadership is about serving your team

Samantha Garrett is joined by Taiss Quartapa, Senior Manager at Accenture, to chat about leadership.

In their race against the clock, Taiss shares why authenticity is an essential quality for leadership. We also hear why they believe strongly in the concept of servant leadership.

Taiss challenges listeners to find a book on a topic they don’t usually read and expand their general knowledge. 
Guested on a podcast episode
Sat down with the PodRocketPod team at LogRocket, to talk about developer content, Open Sauced, creating a personal brand, and pizza.
Sep 15, 2021
Was a guest on a podcast
I got to hang out with my coworker Ben Halpern, Cassidy Williams, and Jonathan Carter on the latest DEV Discuss podcast episode to talk about all things Visual Studio Code!

Grab your favourite snack and give it a listen. 🍿