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Created by Barret Blake, Dynamics Competency Manager at Fusion Alliance
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Jun 30, 2021
Built a custom Calendly setup
Developed automated workflow
Improved workflows
Worked on integrations
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Created a custom Calendly setup for a UK coaching and webinar organisation. They needed a way to show customers the real-time availability of 7 different webinars, across to the calendar availability of their 5 facilitators.
The solution involved creating Team and Round Robin workflows in Calendly, integrated with each facilitator's Google Calendar. They now have one web link for each webinar they can send to potential customers, so they can see real-time availability of time slots to book.
Jul 30, 2021
Developed automated workflow
So here's the thing. 
There is a certain group email that receives all sorts of notifications related to the user accounts for one of our SaaS. When a trial starts, or is canceled or expires. When a standard account is canceled or expired. Stuff like that. 

Now, from time to time, some of those accounts are of interest to us because they are also clients of ours for other services. So it is very useful to learn when their account status changes. 

We had two options
  1. develop some feature in the SaaS for this. But this would mean taking dev time away from other features that are important to all of users;
  2. hack a way on the existing workflow.
And yes, using a combination of email filters and Slack Bot, we now have a dedicated channel where we are notified of the status of certain accounts. 

Less emails for everybody. Less spam. And filters to keep the notification levels low enough. 

I think it's a win :D
Solution Architect, Omniconvert
Used React.js
Used node.js
Designed website
Improved site performance
Used Firebase
Used Next.js
Developed automated workflow
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In Merkamorfosis I build 2 apps, an Org Chart where you can add people and their roles, and a workflow app to track everyone's work in the company, to achieve that, the app has the following features: 

  • Passwordless Auth.
  • Kanban board.
  • Email notifications.
  • Upload files to Dropbox.
  • RBAC
  • Nivo graphs.
  • D3.js
Developed automated workflow
Designed a new feedback loop process
Identified a need to capture feedback from end-users directly that can be organized and reviewed. I created a Microsoft Forms page where an end user can submit their idea, feedback, issue, or suggestion which will then feed into a specified area path within Azure DevOps as a new Issue work  item. 

The work item is populated with the details from the form, labeled accordingly, and lists the user who submitted the item. The end user is then e-mailed their confirmation of submission with a link to the DevOps work item. Separately, another e-mail is sent to notify the team a new feedback item was submitted for review.

Since the work item lives in DevOps, it can be easily converted into a user story, feature, or bug, then moved into the appropriate backlog and ordered accordingly.
Digital Experience Product Analyst, VyStar Credit Union
Developed automated workflow
With Microsoft Power Automate, using the connectors for SharePoint and Outlook 365, I developed an automated workflow that reduced the turnaround time to deliver a bi-weekly status report to senior leadership. Powering the e-mailed status report with HTML and CSS helped with engagement and highlight key areas of interest.
Digital Experience Product Analyst, VyStar Credit Union
Jun 19, 2021
Developed automated workflow
I love, love, love Power Automate. Just used it to create a managed registration process with Microsoft Forms for the user group I manage and now I just need the registrations to roll in and prove out my concept.