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Sep 03, 2021
Wrote an article
Used vRealize Automation/Orchestrator
Automated a server deployment
Used PowerShell
Used PowerCLI
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Running in-guest scripts on VMs from vRealize Automation

Once I sorted out how to use vRA to deploy VMs with specified virtual hardware configurations, the next big step was to perform actions inside the guest OS to further customize the deployment. I experimented with a few different approaches of varying complexity, but have (for the most part) settled on using vRA's Action-Based eXtensibility (ABX) component. This lets me write PowerShell code to connect to a vCenter through PowerCLI and leverages the VMware Tools connection to gain access inside the guest. From there, I can pass in whatever commands I want.

I wrote a post to document how I'm using ABX to expand a server's C: volume to fill the underlying virtual disk, add specified domain accounts as administrators on the system, configure the firewall, and more: 

Aug 25, 2021
Windows Server 2019
Wrote technical documentation
Worked on migrating DHCP server
Found out about powershell one-liner
Used PowerShell
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Got the task of migrating the DHCP from one DC to another (different domains) and started by doing it manually, which helped me get a grip on things at first, but was rather tedious. As it turns out there is a god damn Powershell one-liner for that. LOL 

God damn: 
Export-DhcpServer -ComputerName "dhcpserver.contoso.com" -File "C:\exportdir\dhcpexport.xml"
Import-DhcpServer -ComputerName "dhcpserver.contoso.com" -File "C:\exports\dhcpexport.xml" -BackupPath "C:\dhcpbackup\"
Happy I found it though, will probably come in handy in the future! :)

Am also using diagrams.net (draw.io) for documentation and it looks LIT! 

TBH the most creativity I get as  Sysadmin / IT Support is creating the documentation on things with funky color ways...or by customizing my terminal anyway :D

Don't get me wrong, I get plenty amounts of freedom regarding how to do certain technical tasks, but I really am a visual person/learner and quite miss designing things and playing around with color.  

That's it for now, Cheers! :)
Sep 14, 2020
Spoke at a meetup
Used PowerShell
I gave a talk to introduce Git to PowerShell users.


Here are the notes 


Developer Advocate, PaperCut Software
Jul 12, 2021
Contributed to open source
Open Source
Hey #PowerShell peeps I just released a dev version of an older project (but updated) called PoshOutlook which is a wrapper for the Outlook client on Windows. I wrote this like 4/5 years ago and just getting around to actually making it public. Enjoy!

May 11, 2020
Load-tested a web site
Built UI components
Improved page load
Built a feature
Automated a process
Used Angular
used TypeScript
Used Python
Used PowerShell
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Laid off! Found another opening within the week at Pulse8, a startup that had been acquired by Allscripts the year before.

Cranked up my Python, PowerShell and Angular knowledge.
Jan 03, 2011
Learnt WinForms
Learnt WPF
Built a feature
Improved page load
Learnt PowerShell
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Transferred to another project -- Sunrise Emergency Dept.

(Date is approximate, to the best of my recollection.)