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Jun 02, 2021
Launched a Product Feature
Launched a No-Code Project
Helped build a donation website visited by 3M users to raise $500K+ over a period of 2 months to assist verified charities helping out during India's second wave Covid crisis.

Got Indian film stars to promote the site on their Instagram.

Achieved #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt
Jun 01, 2021
Launched a Product Feature
Launched a No-Code Project
India had a devastating second wave caused by the Delta variant in April, May where we reached a peak of 400,000 new cases a day with  4,000 deaths a day.

There was a severe shortage of life-saving resources like hospital beds, oxygen, medicines, leading to countless preventable deaths.

I worked with two online communities with 200+ volunteers to build an app that helped bridge the supply and demand gap of these resources in the fastest way possible.

We built this app in 2 days and it was used by 150,000 users in 2 months and helped saved countless lives.

Press coverage: HardCopy 
Sep 30, 2020
Launched a Product Feature
As part of Makerpad's T-30 challenge we had to build and monetize a no-code product.

We built a platform that would help designers (and non-designers) build their portfolio site using a Notion template and a 7 day email course.

Stack used:
- Carrd
- Notion
- Zapier
- Gumroad
- Mailerlite

I wrote about how we went about building the product in this post

Jan 01, 2019
Launched a Product Feature
I used no-code tools like Bubble to build tools to help people with their job search:

- Cover Letter Builder 
- Thank You Letter
- Follow up Letter

3300+ letters created so far since Sep 2018.

Allison Hill



May 03, 2021
Updated a Product Feature
Wrote an exploratory data analysis (EDA)
I identified a niche product feature and analyzed the usage of all key functionalities by cohort to discover it was only being used by 12% of its potential audience. I then deprioritized all engineering work focused on enhancing that feature, which saved $45k in unnecessary development costs over two months. 
Created a Product Roadmap
Developing an MVP
Live Virtual shopping with specialty retailers only with Tha Hunt. Looking for some early stage capital to get this off the ground!