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Updated a Product Feature
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Built something new
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So proud of the beautiful and powerful Quick Add developed by our team at Such a productivity booster for our users ❣️ too much love for one feature !! 
Launched a Product Feature
Led the design, development, and launch of "Albert Instant", cash advances product!
Jun 24, 2020
Standardized an internal process
Product management process
Implemented Shape Up
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Implemented a new process for product management and delivery at Hive Learning.

Key principles were autonomy and mastery for the design and engineering team, alignment between design and engineering and alignment of the business on what we were building and why.
Product Lead, Hive Learning
Attended an online bootcamp
Used figjam
Wrote user stories
Created how might we statementes
Facilitated ideation exercises
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Put on the thinking cap for ideation

After identifying the pain points via the customer journey, we considered how might we help busy people find available cabins that appeal to them.

HMW statement assisted us in coming up with the following user story: As a busy user, who leads a fast-paced life, I want to search for a cabin so that I can book a cabin.
Upsold a Customer Account
Designed website
Wrote marketing copy
Early adopter
Refined a Product Roadmap
Designed User Experience Assets
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Automatio Weekly Progress Update #16
Good day good people, how was your previous week? Here is last week progress update on my bootstrapped journey with  - 🙌 Reached exciting milestone of 21 monthly subscribers. Combining that with 27 early adopters (annual subscriptions worth ~$40k), it brings Automatio to ~$5.5k MRR altogether.  - 💰 Acquired 5 new customers, $99/m each. The goal, 21 of 63 monthly subscribers.  - 💖 Got precious heart-touching feedback from a customer. After I failed to bill his credit card for ~5 days because of a bug in the system, he decided to leave Automatio, and try another solution. Take a look at his words, this touched me deeply:  - 📝 I am accepted to write/publish in a big publication that has 87 DA (domain authority). Guess which one  - 🎯 Domain authority is going up  - 📈 1360 visits last week, caused by participating different communities. Google Analytics, put a lot of traffic in direct which is wrong  - 🎥 Gave a crucial, almost final feedback for the upcoming video explainer for Automatio. Can't wait to be rendered and see the final results.  - 🤖 Tried to win MekaVerse NFT, but no luck. That would be my first NFT, after CryptoKitties from 2017.