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Created by Danielle Nathan, Senior Manger, Education at Commercial Real Estate Finance Council (CREFC)
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Completed the course "Ansible: Zero to Production Ready" on
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EF SET Certifcate
Have successfully completed the EF SET Certificate and have earned the C2 Proficient English level
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I'm now a Brain-based Trained Coach. I've used many concepts from the NeuroLeadership Institute in my coaching practice in the past, so it's great to make it official!
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Completed the course "The Way to Go" on
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Passed the EF Standard English Test as a C2 speaker!!! Woowww I'm so happy!!!

I know this test isn't very comprehensive and I actually miss a lot of vocabulary for daily chores living abroad, but it's awesome to realise how much I've gotten better with my English in the last 3 years since I've started working remotely and exclusively for international companies!
Feb 12, 2021
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Linux Professional
Linux DevOps
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I increased my knowledge with LPI-DevOps and be proud to be a Linux Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer.