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Designing and building a BPM detection app.

The Audioform BPM app (temp name) detects the tempo of a song from an incoming signal in real time. This can be used to send a signal to Resolume, allowing Lighting Technicians and VJs to sync their show lighting to the live music.
Jul 07, 2021
Prototyped an app
n my quest to improve Veronica 🀍 - My home-grown #virtualassistant, I went ahead to give her recognition capabilities. πŸ”
I've changed the face detector from CenterFace to NVIDIA TLT_FaceNet as it had better accuracy compared to RetinaFace and used #ArcFace for #facerecognition. All of this running with #DeepStream. πŸ’«

ArcFace uses Additive Angular Margin Loss. By calculating the cosine difference of the output vector of two input faces, you can estimate the similarity between them.

With #computervision based recognition, virtual assistants can potentially analyse and gather analytics of different humans, providing a more personalised experience per person. This opens up the opportunity of implementing complex use-cases for Veronica. 🀩

Watch video here -
#artificialintelligence #technology #naturallanguageprocessing #asr #deeplearning #prototype
Jun 16, 2021
Prototyped an app
Veronica - An AI Virtual Assistant built with NVIDIA #NeMo and #DeepStream. 🀍

Veronica harnesses some powerful networks like #Jasper, #BERT, #HifiGAN, #Centernet and #YOLOv4 for Automatic Speech Recognition, Downstream NLP tasks, Text-to-speech and Object Detection.

The whole idea was to build a multi-modal system, amalgamating cognition from different sources to provide a better Virtual Assistant experience. 🌟 Networks like BERT have made downstream tasks like text correction and intent classification much simpler, allowing engineers and developers to quickly finetune and develop customised models for specific tasks. This is just a small step to make an assistant deploy and gather analytics from complex Video Analytics Solutions. However, this can expand to #healthcare, #entertainment and #services.

Tell me what you think! Would love to hear you out and build more things! πŸ‹πŸ½

#artificialintelligence #virtualassistant #naturallanguageprocessing #asr #computervision #deeplearning #prototype

Watch here -
Jun 26, 2014
Making a box
Collaborating on a project
Supporting a group of Graduates from UAL; providing technical assistance and helping to produce a website for their final year show as well as setting up physical digital installations.
Jun 30, 2016
Making a box
Modding Game Boys
Experimenting with Game Boy modifications, Raspberry Pi adaptations, and custom game cartridges as removable storage devices.
Oct 13, 2017
Making a box
Fabricating custom hardware enclosures