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May 12, 2012
Designed an augmented-reality experience
Designed a website
Prototyped an app
Designed an icon
Shadowed a Web Developer
Contributed to open source
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Developed for web design

Here I worked for the first time with a web developer and a 3D artist, where developed the interface for mobile app the augmented reality experience. I also made the first icons for app experiments we were creating at the agency I worked for.

Rupali Roychoudhury




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Oct 04, 2021
used Figma
Rapid prototyping
Redesigned a website
Used figjam
Used loom
Used notion
Attended an online bootcamp
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Translate sketches to hi-fi prototype

The most exciting part of the ritual is witnessing your sketch come to life. After identifying the foundations, components, and nested components, we could prototype rapidly for the landing page, cabin list page, and quiz page in 3 days.
We used Figma's prototype feature to demonstrate the interaction of the web app. 
Produced a product video
Prototyped an app
Prototyped a virtual reality app
Designed a virtual reality experience
Designed an app
Designed an augmented-reality experience
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Showing off some prototyping progress on both iOS and in VR
Founder, Vivid
Conducted Product Usability Research
Built UI components
Delivered a User Experience Vision
Prototyped an app
Prototyped an App
Wrote a design spec
Designed an app
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Presented our work to our client. We researched, designed, and prototyped a better banking product for the Portuguese market that employs learning and prediction to give customers better insights.
Wrote an article
Designed an augmented-reality experience
Designed a virtual reality experience
Prototyped an app
Prototyped an App
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Wrote a new article about why I'm building an app for immersive memories!
Founder, Vivid
Started 3 months ago
Designing an app
Building an app
Prototyping an app
Redesigning a Product Feature User Flow
Building a VueJS app
Maintaining a Design System
Building a Design System
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Designing and building a BPM detection app.

The Audioform BPM app (temp name) detects the tempo of a song from an incoming signal in real time. This can be used to send a signal to Resolume, allowing Lighting Technicians and VJs to sync their show lighting to the live music.