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I'm really proud to be featured in the Coronart art book curated by Ludwig Rage club.Β 
May 20, 2020
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Started a new blog at hashnode! Published an article on the platform for the first time 🎊 
Aug 03, 2020
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Guest column: When the team itself decides on short-time work (German)

In our guest column in the HR Journal, my colleague Kristina Uhl and I tell you how we live self-organization despite the crisis and what central importance trust, openness and cooperation play in this. Be sure to check it out!πŸ‘‡πŸ»
Sep 08, 2020
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Interview: Ways out of the crisis: How agility and team decisions help (German)

In an interview with GmbH, my colleagues Ssonja Peter, Ellen Thonfeld, Stefan Nagel and I give an insight into how we have been dealing with the last few months of this crisis and how we are nevertheless sticking to our principles such as self-organization and team decisions. πŸ‘‡πŸ»
Mar 19, 2021
Co-wrote a book chapter
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Book Chapter: Using agile methods in HR management - illustrated by the example of agile recruiting at borisgloger consulting (German)

I'm so excited!!!

The 2nd edition of the book "Digital HR", which was published in the spring of 2021 and in which I had the pleasure of contributing an article as co-author.

In our contribution, Yvonne Schulist and I show you how agile working methods can be integrated into human resources management and what benefits this brings, using the example of agile recruiting at my company, borisgloger consulting GmbH.

Curious now? You can take a look inside and order the book (only available in German) here: Feel free to leave your thoughts on the book and especially our article.
Wrote an adventure ebook
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Published my first D&D adventure on DMsGuild:

A Town Called Mud: The Haunted Mine is a wild west-themed adventure set in and around a small frontier town fallen on hard times.

Available now at

It was completed as part of the Write Your First RPG Adventure course from Storytelling Collective.