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Oct 04, 2015
Created a GitHub repository
Contributed to Open Source Project
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Automated deployment
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Jul 01, 2014
Architect Scalable Infrastructure
Used Puppet
Established a Deployment Process
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Designed and implemented a Puppet-based system for configuring and managing clusters of Solaris zones, interacting with F5 BIG-IP load balancers to serve application traffic from the pool of zones. This replaced a setup where larger servers were manually configured and each ran multiple applications, and scaling/failover was difficult.

Nowadays we'd have been looking at Kubernetes or similar, but at the time with a requirement for use of in-house Solaris zones and other solutions in their infancy, building our own Puppet setup made sense and has served us well for many years.
Senior Software Engineer, University of Warwick
Migrated a Product
Migrated database
Migrated a web application
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Used Puppet
Coded in Puppet
Used Terraform
Deployed VM and Docker container using terraform
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We migrated our product Professional works from physical servers to a high available cloud infrastructure.
DevOps Engineer, demv systems
Wrote Documentation
Contributed to Open Source Project
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Coded in Python
Coded Augeas Lenses
Coded Puppet Types and Providers
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Augeas Developer

Since 2008, I have authored 75 of the 200+ stock lenses in the Augeas project, and have contributed to the maintenance of the majority of them.

I have also contributed to the core of Augeas (in C), to the Ruby and Python bindings, and various projects related to Augeas, in particular:

- the augeasproviders project (main developer)
- narcissus (author)

Used Puppet
Donated Open Source Project to Community

Donated multiple Puppet modules and plugins to Vox Pupuli

After many years of authoring and maintaining Puppet modules in the community, we decided to donate some to the Vox Pupuli community.


This includes:

- puppet-kmod
- puppet-openssl
- puppet-systemd
- puppet-openldap
- puppet-postfix
- facterdb
- rspec-puppet-facts

Cloud Native Tech Evangelist, Training Leader, Public Speaker, Camptocamp SA
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Published an Open Source Project
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Cloud Native Tech Evangelist, Training Leader, Public Speaker, Camptocamp SA