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Adam Harmetz



Aug 06, 2021
Published a podcast episode
Led a cross-team collaboration.
Did my first podcast last week: how to build coalitions within big companies. 
Led a cross-team collaboration.
MMA one to 20/20

The MMA Week is the celebration of the 20 years of the Multimedia Arts Program of SDA at the DLS-CSB. Their extraordinary existence of excellence is shown through their bunch of activities! Open to all (Job Fair for students & alumni only)

  • Assigned as Team Head for the MMA Event that celebrates the 20 years of the Multimedia Arts Program of SDA at Benilde.
  • Planned and coordinated with the event organizer of ‘MMA one to 20/20’.
  • Understood the entire flow of the event, cascaded information, and divided responsibilities among video team leaders.
  • Oversaw production processes and ensured that the video team leaders were able to follow the overall vision for each project and submitted on schedule.
  • Earned a grade of 4.0 or A for the project.

University Event (FB Page)

Marvin Marqua



Jan 04, 2021
Launched an informationsystem
Wrote product requirements document
Tested new software
Filmed a tutorial
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This year started with a go-live of four new IT-Systems. 
One of them was developed inhouse with the help of an external software developer. 
My tasks during the 1,5 year projecte where: 

  • Create Requirements
  • Create and lead workshops
  • Develop and implement a release-management strategy
  • Testmanagement 
  • Create learningvideos and manuals

Great Project with some errors in the first week but still running, now in Version 1.2. 
Oct 14, 2013
Improved workflows
Volunteered as a Community Manager
Managed a project
Standardized an internal process
Volunteered with a charity
Led a cross-team collaboration.
+ 4
Excited to be sworn in as a board member of the OB Town Council. Looking forward to putting on a kick ass round of events, especially our annual Food & Toy Drive which benefits so many of our local families! 
Looking for developers
Looking for data scientists
Looking for devops
Looking for QAs
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Looking for great people to join us in various positions

Feel free to contact me!
Senior Software Engineer, Suite5
Wrote an article
Tested a new product
Trying out Tekton as we are talking about several CICD tools. It is refreshing to breakout a while from common routine and test things out :D -- Testing DataFusion CDAP API call --