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Jul 21, 2021
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Cypress Testing
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Yesterday we released a new version of WP Cypress. We're now shipping 0.9.1 and are continuing to work towards our v1.0.0 goal. I have recently taken over lead on this project and also managed to get various features of my own into the first release since taking over, which has been exciting.

You can find it on NPM and GitHub.
New in v0.9 release;
  • Improved user switching, now allowing for specific users to be used rather than limiting to `admin`.
  • Clean routines for seeders, so refreshed, or new data can be used at various testing points.
  • Improved start up to provide more meaningful feedback when docker is unavailable.
  • Configurable DB ports and PHP versions.
What is WP Cypress?
WP Cypress extends the Cypress end to end testing framework with the aim to address various pain points that engineers and QA can encounter while testing features built for modern WordPress.
Cypress Testing
I'm working on learning Test Automation with Cypress and Applitools. Anyone have any good tips on how to use selectors for React Components that are re-used across multiple applications?
Aug 01, 2020
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Quality Assurance Lead

Toronto, Canada
Jan 01, 2021
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Software Development Manager | Quality Engineer Lead | Senior QA Engineer

Toronto, Canada

Here, I oversee software quality development activities, including front and back-end operations as well as deployment of advanced tools or programs. I monitor and control the budget to acquire appropriate tools for automation. I spearhead and support a team of 8 staff members to deliver assigned projects and tasks promptly while enabling the team to produce quality code. I also lead the development and implementation of the QA strategy for the entire organization. I build staff capacity and enhanced skills by devising and delivering engaging training courses for the team.

➥ Designed and implemented tools that saved manpower and costs of over $2M annually through front-end and back-end automation.

➥ Promoted from the position of Senior QA Engineer to Quality Engineer Lead, and further to Software Development Manager for displaying strong work ethics and dedication towards work.
Quality Engineer Manager, KOHO
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Promoted to Senior Product Consultant at ThoughtWorks
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Promoted to Product Consultant at ThoughtWorks