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Jan 18, 2022
Read Getting Acquired by Andrew Gazdecki
Dive into the startups space with amazing tips on building, managing and selling 🚀
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It's now almost a century (1931) since this (rather bleak) sci-fi dystopian novel first appeared. With all happening around us right now from climate change to a global pandemic to war and conflict and much more — perhaps a Brave New World beckons. Some may say it's called the Web3'ed Metaverse, right?

Is some of what's to come what Huxley anticipated back then? He wrote about a futuristic supranational World State, genetically modified citizens and an intelligence-based social hierarchy, driven by huge scientific and engineering advancements and much more. Will we forego everything for the sake of happiness and amusement?

This is a (classic) book that I'd never heard off before — until it formed the backdrop of a conversation I was having with a friend late last year. I confessed my ignorance to the story then, and being the good human that he is, along with the magic of the internet, this copy appeared on my doorstep the very next day.

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Finished reading Surveys That Work by Caroline Jarrett
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It's been a couple of years since my last reading, so I picked up Multipliers by Liz Wiseman for a re-read. This book helped me realize and put to words my philosophy of working with, growing, and leading people.

Now going through it a few years later, it's providing a refresher and helping me identify ways I may have been hindering the growth of my teammates. I look forward to getting better again for them!
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Reading a book
Started reading a book called Developer Relations: How to Build and Grow a Successful Developer Program.

Looking forward to this read providing me with more insight about Developer Relations (DevRel), especially as a career choice.

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Driven To Distraction - Edward M. Hallowell