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Aug 10, 2020
Started remote working
Started working full time from the road.
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Wrote TypeScript
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Anyone around who knows how to introspect #JSDoc annotations at runtime (if possible at all)? Trying to find a nice way to verify a code generator's feature for #gRPC on #Typescript.


I found two packages that helped me doing that You can see the result here 😃 :
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Is it a good practice to provide a third-party Authentication(like Facebook, Google, etc. ) in a Decentralized Application? 
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I feel lost.
This month I joined a new company, completely remote. I started arranging virtual coffees and sessions on what some people are working on but it is going very slow. I am interested in knowing.... 

If you recently changed jobs, what steps have you taken to get to know your new team/fellow colleagues/the business, during these new ways of working in COVID? 
Sep 21, 2021
Building a remote team
Building a design team
Working on building an app that helps you make better video content.