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Starting my morning Italian classes today in Siena! Retroactively embarrassed by all the verb tenses and words I now know I've been using incorrectly. But, here's to hoping I can fluently order many more pastries full of nutella and have intelligible conversations about future and past events by this time next month. Stay tuned for more linguistic faux pas and updates.

Oggi ho iniziato le classe private di italiano a Siena! Non posso usare tutti i tempi verbali en italiano che sopra sono uscita - ma posso dire che spero di parlare molto meglio il italiano il prossimo mese. Grazie a mio professore, Mauro! 
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May 28, 2021
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Sep 08, 2021
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How to reach more candidates and hire them virtually?

Feel free to watch my webinar about remote hiring!
Dec 20, 2013
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Aug 25, 2021
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Excited to start sharing some of what we've been building with the world! So much more to say, in time, but for now, this is a great teaser about the product we're building:
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Very proud to be part of the german panel on OnCrawl's #SuperSEOGame and talk about practical use of APIs in SEO together with 
  • Gianna Brachetti-Truskawa
  • Benjamin Görler
  • Stefan Neefischer
📼 watch the recordings here