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Sep 15, 2021
Built a Rails Engine
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This week, I built my first Rails Engine! Basically, they are a super cool way to house an app within an app. I love that I'm learning something new at dutchie every day!
Software Engineer I, dutchie
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Ruby On Rails
Launching an app
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Working on an explainer video... Also around 1.5 weeks till launch.

Check a preview here:

Wrote a Blog Post
Ruby On Rails
"Create a Search Engine with Ruby on Rails"

In this tutorial, you will learn to:

  • Configure Elasticsearch in your machine
  • Install Elasticsearch in you Rails App
  • Search for a query in any table
  • Highlight matched text like Google searches
Worked on a newsletter
Women On Rails
Ruby On Rails
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I translated the Women On Rails newsletter.
Worked on a newsletter
Ruby On Rails
Women On Rails
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I translated the first English issue of the Women On Rails newsletter.