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🏢 Real Software Solutions

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I'm happy to announce we started to offer training courses @ Real Software Solutions.

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Co-Founder | Software Developer, Real Software Solutions
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¿Qué en mente❓🤔🧵🪡☺️
Was interviewed in Spanish
Was Interviewed
I had the pleasure to talk to the team at HITN (Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network), the largest Spanish-language public broadcasting network in the United States about AIGA Unidos and the annual Hispanic Heritage Talks. Here is a video with the highlights of our conversation along with co-organizers Dio Jensen, Natacha Poggio, and Anthony Welborn.

AIGA - HITN - YouTube
President, AIGA San Antonio
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I automated all thumbnails for my blog site built with NextJS and I used Microlink Cards as the "thubmnails as a service" app.

I wrote about how I automated thumbnails like this one in my blog:
Oct 03, 2021
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Joined #DescubreTech2021 as a panelist in the Product Design category, where I spoke about the current state of product design in LaTam, as well as skills and opportunities needed in our industry.
This panel was streamed to over 150k people! 

It was great to share the stage with Ceci and Marian! ✨

Check out the stream by heading to this link in Youtube, and over here for Twitch. [Spanish!]
Gave a guest lecture
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Guest lectured for a design class, talked about my trajectory and one of my favorite projects so far. 🥰
I had the chance to present a project dear to my heart, with folks in a different city than mine, and with different backgrounds too. This made me reflect on what my past looks like and how grateful I am to be able to share it with others. ✨

Thanks for having me!