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Nov 04, 2021
Learned how to code
Started freeCodeCamp
Learning JavaScript
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New energy! new vision and more determined than ever! I'm going to become a web developer no matter what! I DO NOT CARE if they tell me that I am too old for this!
Jul 22, 2009
Taught myself front end development
Started learning front-end.
Apr 01, 2019
Learned Angular
Published a project
Since my new job at MSVH required me to work on an enterprise application built with Angular, I wanted to quickly learn different aspects of the Angular Framework and created a sample app for that purpose, simply called "ng-app".

Digging through the Angular docs, various tutorials and the source code I quickly learned about:

  • Routing
  • Different forms of state management
  • API usage and services
  • Forms
  • Unit testing (angular-testing-library, Jest)
  • E2E testing (Cypress)
  • and much more

The app can be found here:
Frontend Developer, MSVH GmbH & Co. KG
Aug 08, 2016
Learned Angular
Angular 2 when it was in beta... 😬

Tayllor Lloyd



Nov 01, 2018
Learned how to code
Self-taught JavaScript
Started my Self taught Front-end Developer Journey. After working in the beauty industry for 5+ years I decided to make a change! This was probably one of the scariest decisions I'd made but it's the best one yet!
Jul 23, 2021
Shipped a side project
Tried something new
Learned Angular
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Decided to try my hand at Angular, then paired a Frontend Mentor challenge so I can test what I learned after the docs' tutorial 😅

Ended up having a tip calculator:

Here's my solution—feedback is much appreciated especially from Angular devs!