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Created a video to explain wha you can do about the changes in The Google Local Search update called Vicinity:
At the end of 2021, Google updated the Google Local Search algorithm and it may have an impact on how your business shows up in search results.

What should you do about it?
Optimized SEO
Updated my personal website
After finishing seofordevs course, I found a few things to optimize on my personal blog. Some highlights:

- instead of using "date + slug" for my blog posts links, I switched to "slug" only. Why? Blog posts can be updated later, you do not want links to change because of that, and shorter, nicer URLs;

- updated content on some blog posts to make it a bit more specific and SEO optimized;

- fixed 301 redirects in some internal links because of missing "/" at the end. Discovered by Ahrefs Webmaster Tool;

- fixed multiple H1 tags in some posts, also discovered in Ahrefs.
Nov 16, 2021
Wrote a Blog Post
Got my first backlink!
I'm not new to writing blog posts, but it felt like quite a win to get my first backlink from cold outreach! More on the way :) 
Wrote an article
Optimized SEO
I spent the last week optimizing my site’s performance with Vercel and NextJS12, and I’m really happy with the results! Read about my endeavor on my blog and experience the improvements for yourself!

Optimized SEO
Tested for Accessibility
I spent about 30 minutes optimizing Herald website. It's a Next.js site so there were some built-in performance stuff in there but I'd made some mistakes as well.

I also learned some new stuff from Next.js SEO course. After the optimizations, this is the Lighthouse report:

Oct 08, 2021
Successfully performed a domain migration
Got the new domain