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Learning Data Science
cloud computing
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In this article I have shared my experiences and details about what top Cloud IDE provides. Do let me know If think My list was missing something and don't forget to Clap👏.
Top 5 Free Cloud IDEs For Data Science 2021 | by Abid Ali Awan | Jul, 2021 | Towards AI
Mar 30, 2021
Setup a server
cloud computing
Built a "Serverless Anonymizing Email Reflector" (SEAR - yes I just made that up) at AWS - just a fancy email distribution system that removes the senders email address but adds their real name.  Open communication without spam generation.
Started 4 months ago
Developing a whitepaper
While sourcing resources for my Serverless Fundamentals course I noticed there are ill-defined and sparse public resources for the process of adopting serverless.

I am trying to codify this process into a community-driven whitepaper I call the Serverless Adoption Framework.

We have lots of developer-centric serverless leaders but there appears to be few business-centric serverless leaders and so if want to accelerate the  adoption Serverless we need to help the business as a whole.