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We participated in our company's hackathon, and finished in the top of the participants.
Built a slack bot
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Today, Hack Club kicked off the Summer of Making, our 2020 summer program where we've teamed up with GitHub to provide $50,000 in grants to high schoolers building hardware projects.

In addition to the hardware grant program, we also launched Scrapbook. Starting today, every Hack Clubber can share what they're working on throughout the summer—just post an image in the #scrapbook channel in Slack, and a profile will automatically be generated for you. You can even build a streak if you continue posting every day!

Lachlan built the Scrapbook website; I built Scrappy, the Slack bot that powers Scrapbook. Building Scrappy was the largest and most challenging project I worked on in 2020 so far!
Clubs Team, Hack Club
Built a utility
Built a slack bot
Wrote JavaScript
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I made a configurable self-bot for Slack called Taut that among other things can get statistics on communication in the workspace and selectively autorespond to messages.
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Built a slack bot
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A simple bot which pushes you forward to do more with the help of alerts, reminders, schedulers, and Github, Google Calendar Integrations.

  • How many times do we miss or get late on checking Github issues, mentions, or branch alerts. No more now, using Pipedream API to integrate Github, now one can directly get notified when they are mentioned, or a branch is created, or issue is raised for a repo.

  • Have you dozed off with naptime while a calendar event was scheduled for next one hour and so you missed it ? Say no further, you can now get alerts if there's a meeting in an hour with help of Pipedream integration and some JS snippets.

  • Want to quick search your favorite github repo stats, or get issue counts, no need to open chrome. Just /searchrepo it.

  • In order to stay on track and to not miss out anything, one can set reminds for himself or for channel with precision of minutes or hours or days. Just remindme or remindus it

  • Want to set scheduled messages with a friendly precision, you got it. Just schedule it

  • Often during work all we feel is a need to find some positivity to deal with anxiety, stress or fear or even imposter syndrome. Sometimes words are the best friend we need. This bot posts a good morning alert, advice at noon, and quotes in evening.

  • Written solely in Javascript
Fellowship Software Developer,
Apr 19, 2020
Built a slack bot
Built two Slack bots called "BuckBank" and "EmojiDex" into our Slack workspace.

BuckBank controls the money and was heavily inspired by the stimulus program but with slot machine similarities haha
EmojiDex was later introduced as an expansion to capture emoji usages and also our own emoji stock market from within the workspace.
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