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blk grrl kicks is LIVE!

Blk grrl kicks was brought to life in 2021, and while all are welcome to revel in the magic and culture, this space only highlights Black non-men sneaker enthusiasts; those most often excluded from the sneaker industry and its communities. This should in no way insinuate that the groundbreaking contributions men and non-Black folk have made in sneakers are not recognized, acknowledged, and valued here, we just do not center them as they are a predominant force in sneakers.

Blk grrl kicks truly belongs to and celebrates Black subversive sneakerheads who shop off the beaten path or mod and design their own sneakers, and the dedicated sole seekers always on the hunt for the next trend. We celebrate collectors with more pairs on ice than they wear on their feet, and the aficionado wearing holes into every pair. We celebrate folks who match their kicks to their decked out mobility aids, and folks pairing their Adidas sneakers and Nike sweatshirt with reckless abandon.

BGK is open for submissions!
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Ooooooooh these Jordan 1 Bordeaux are everything.

{Image Description: Pair of burgundy and cream colored high top sneakers in the snow.}
Nov 09, 2021
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Thank you for the precious gift @Google Cloud
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New to the collection. 👟

Image Description, Left: Low top Jordan sneakers in neon orange, pink, and white colorway with patterned shoelaces.

Right: High top Jordan sneakers in lavender and lighter neon yellow colorway.  
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Air Force Ones from the "First Use" pack that celebrates 50 years of the Nike Swoosh - the colorway is white/orange. They look marigold/goldenrod/yellowish to me, but I just buy the sneakers. I don't design them. 

{For now.}