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Added new feature
I’ve added an updates page to my website so I can share short-form posts about what I’m currently working on and how I’m going about it.

My aim is to get out of the habit of endlessly editing and polishing content before I hit publish and into the habit of sharing more often.
Created an Open Source Project
Launched a Developer Tool
🌛 Version manager for Lua, LuaJIT, LuaRocks:
Dec 03, 2021
Developed in Dynamics CRM
Worked on Power Apps solution
Used Azure DevOps
Used Visual Studio
Learnt C#
Learnt JavaScript
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Progress at end of 2nd (mock) Sprint:
  • Implemented plugin to support round-robin assignment
  • Tweaked custom button functionality with Javascript, to display useful dialogs + set focus on particular mandatory fields left blank
  • Still in midst of self-learning on C# + plugin development
Associate, CRM Solution Dev - Intern, Avanade
Apr 01, 2017
Started my developer learning journey
Learnt JavaScript
Learnt HTML
Learnt CSS
+ 2
Discovered the world of development! 🤩 I started my learning journey with TreeHouse (who has some really amazing teachers btw). I learned the fundamentals and it kickstarted my love for code!
Added new feature
Inspired from the talk "Auditorial: an innovative approach to inclusive story telling" by Robin Spinks and Sonali Rai in Inclusive Design 24 this year, I decided to add audio versions of my blog posts. I keep adding them shortly after publishing a new post, but you can already find couple of the newest posts with audio versions read by me. 

The following posts have audio:
- First Month as an Accessibility Specialist at Oura
- Thoughts From Reading Demystifying Disability by Emily Ladau

The audio can be listened from the blog post page. All the posts can be found from
May 31, 2019
Helped promoting women in tech
Learnt html
Learnt CSS
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Introduction to programming
Girls 4 Tech was born from a partnership between EBANX and Junior Achievement, in 2018, with two main purposes: sharing knowledge and arousing interest in programming for women. Based on video lessons taught by EBANX developers, with evaluations, support materials and a forum for debates among the students, the online course was offered through an online platform, on demand and is divided into 3 modules.

Module 1 - Introduction:
  • Brief history of women in computing
  • Why learn programming?
  • How a web page works; Short story about HTML and CSS; HTML and CSS concept

Module 2 - HTML: Introduction - Structure:
  • What is HTML? What is a TAG? Initial structure of an HTML file
  • Adding elements:
    • What is TAG HEAD?; Operation of TAG Title; Operation of the TAG META; What is DOCTYPE?; What is TAG BODY?; How to add titles to a page (TAGS H1, H2, H3); How to add paragraphs to a page (TAG P); Formatting TAGS; How to make text bold (TAGS B/STRONG); How to make text in italics (TAGS I/EM); How to make text big and small (TAGS SMALL/BIG); How to make text highlighted (TAG MARK); Example of opening and closing tags (correct and wrong example)
  • Adding links and images:
    • How does the TAG IMG work; Attributes of TAG; Alt, Title, SRC; How does TAG A work?; Attributes: HREF; TARGET 
  • Adding Lists:
    • Ordered lists (TAG OL); Unordered Lists (TAG UL)
    • Definition lists (TAG DL)
  • Positioning of elements:
    • Flex; How to add tables (TAG Table); TR; TD; THEAD; TBODY; TFOOT
  • Table attributes:
    • Colspan; Rowspan; Alignment; Border

Module 3 - CSS:
  • What is CSS?; Initial structure of a CSS 
  • Selection attributes:
    • Class; ID; Elements; Cascading selection. 
  • CSS and HTML:
    • Inline CSS; External CSS; Internal CSS 
  • CSS Properties:
  • How to change font type; How to change font size; How to change font weight; How to change line spacing; How to change font color; How to change text alignment
  • CSS Properties in DIVS:
    • What is a DIV?; Width/height; Margin; Padding; Background-color; Border
  • Image manipulation:
    • How to add filters
  • How to Rotate CSS Images in Links:
  • Properties; Link; Visited; Hover; Active; How to change the cursor