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Oct 12, 2021
Used Azure DevOps
Developed in Dynamics CRM
First day of getting a feel of what it's like to be working on a CRM project in Avanade

Also first time getting to grips with Azure DevOps, or at least dabbling with the Kanban board
Intern, Avanade
Oct 09, 2021
Wrote a program
Working with Vue.js
Working with JavaScript
Working with CSS
Working with websockets
Working on a coding project
Working with phidgets
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I joined Dimensional Innovations in June and started working on this project for Children's Mercy Kansas City's burn unit. And yesterday, we finished the final tweaks to the installation!

It's meant to distract kids during appointments in the burn unit. They can choose a type of bird and then add up to 6 of them to fly around the room, choose music, and choose a color pattern for the lights to cycle through.

As the software developer on this project, I wrote a program using vue and electron to connect arcade buttons to the various computers, and randomize the bird's flight paths. It also controls the LEDs in the various light fixtures and the light selection LED buttons.

The birds lead the kids through the entry hallway into the treatment room, and then fly in random paths and directions across all the walls.

I'm so glad to have been a part of this project, I hope it makes some kids' days a little less painful.
Fullstack Software Developer, Dimensional Innovations
Added new feature
Learned Firebase
Used Firebase
Added customer support
Implemented chat feature
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Added chat feature into our internal web app named JARVIS for use by customer support teams. This would allow our customers to reach out from our main app, which will enable the team to resolve customers' issues and raise new feature/bug tickets.
Software Engineer, Schmooze
Sep 27, 2021
Added label system to Skautská kuchařka
After some time I came with a thought about how to better design a system for labeling recipes with information about dietary limits and similar.

As I had some old code I came up in an older version it took me some time to look on the use-cases with fresh eyes. Final though came to me as I went to bed.

I'm happy I have cleaner, more usable codebase and system now.
Added new feature
We just translated the 17 SDGs into 22 ready-to-start innovation campaigns. This was a big milestone for Evulu - and for me personally as well. #un #sustainability #innovationmanagement
Learnt Python
Learnt HTML
Learnt CSS
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Am on a path to learn python, HTML and CSS to be able to build ML models, draw insights and be able to communicate them to the world.