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Nov 27, 2021
Launched an NFT collection
Donated to Aflatoun Int’l
launched the Orcanauts, an impact-focused NFT collection from Orca, and raised $1.3m USD in the process, with 75% of that going to Aflatoun International to develop new cryptocurrency curriculum for kids around the world!
Advent of Code 2021
Advent of Code is a series of small progamming puzzles published every day until Christmas. Pick your brains and challenge yourself to e.g. come up with the shortest solution possible. 

I've just completed day 1 tasks. 

+ have a peer to keep me committed to do them every day (@ugur!)
Worked on a side project
Deployed a website
Launched a Website
Built a New Microservice
+ 2

Fluid Sizes in CSS

Just made my own version of @satansax's fluid-typography.
Called it because I needed more attributes to copy them faster ^^
It uses the CSS Clamp function to return a dynamic size value depending on the window width.

#css #cssclamp #fluidcss #responsivewebdesign #typography
Dec 01, 2021
Launched a Web App
Added a new domain name
Bought a new domain and started a little project for memories of the Dead:
Dec 01, 2021
Started reading a new book
✨ The 4-Hour Work Week ✨
Shipped an app
Wireframed an app
Released the first version of the VoorleesExpress app in the App Store & Play Store. Designed & developed with Ionic, Capacitor, Figma, Vue 3, Contentful, Laravel, Auth0, Sentry, and GitHub Actions.
Senior Frontend Developer & Scrum Master,