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Apr 09, 2021
Graduated college
Learnt Java
Learnt HTML
Learnt css
Learnt SQL
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Graduated with Honors from my Associate's degree in Computer Science from Ensign College
Learning Data Science
Used SQL Server
Learning Data Engineering
Used pyspark
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Dec 16, 2016
Used SQL
Data Analysis
While digging into the internal data of the company for fraud analysis, I had the chance to spot a problem with the data categorization of fraudulent transactions, which was drastically reducing the KPIs of one of the most important countries in terms of market size for the company. 

It had been a problem the company was struggling with for months. 

After generating a business report, I shared the findings with the leadership round, which applied the appropriate changes. 
Product Manager/Analyst, Omio
Apr 28, 2017
Used SQL
Tracked User Behavior
Used Tableau
Generated Insights
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I had the opportunity to work on the redesign of the Booking Flow, the last part of the company's funnel. 

In particular, I took ownership of the tracking plans and on the analysis of the A/B tests of my team creating new behavioral trackers across the flow for generating new perspectives and insights on the product performance and users’ activity.
Product Manager/Analyst, Omio
Mar 20, 2019
Used SQL
Used Tableau
Designed a dashboard
Created KPI dashboard
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I had the possibility to work on the improvement of the data-driven decision-making process through the definition of KPIs and actionable metrics, the creation of new data, and its sharing by dashboards and periodic reports, with the consequent increase in transparency and visibility.

Data is an asset that always wants to tell you a nice story, it just needs interpretation;) 
Product Manager, home24
Apr 23, 2021
Created a Product Roadmap
Used Machine Learning
Wrote product requirements document
Defined Success Metrics
Used SQL
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Vehicle Remote Diagnostic for Troubleshooting

Worked on an interesting product for the vehicle remote diagnostic and the optimization of the extracted data to provide to the technical personnel for troubleshooting. 

The main goal of the product is to help the vehicle owner with remote support and, at the same time, to reduce the cycle time in the dealerships.
Senior Product Manager, Volkswagen Digital: Lab