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Nov 18, 2021
Wrote a Wordpress Plugin
WP Cron
Wrote PHP Code
Used SQL
WP Mail
Extended CRM
Improved business process
Automated a process
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Wrote a custom WordPress plugin that extends JetPackCRM functionality to email agents every day and remind them who they need to contact. Not publish-ready, but works very well on the site it's meant for! 

I used SQL queries, WP Cron, activation hooks, and wp_mail.
Enrolled in a course
Learning Node.js
Learning SQL
Learning MongoDB
Software Architecture
+ 3
I've been working as a node.js full-stack web dev. I trained formally for front-end development, BUT my back-end knowledge was all over the place since it's all self-taught. I was feeling the need to get a good grip of some important subjects (specially related to software security) so I just enrolled in the back-end web development course at coderhouse.com. Wish me luck! 😁👨‍🎓
Learnt SQL
I know it's not a professional certification, but I wanted to post anyways as a pat in the back for myself. Good job going this far and keep learning Amanda :)
Aug 15, 2019
Learnt SQL
Learnt SQL.
Spoke about SQL
I've got some insights while was designing infrastructure persistence layer for our new project. I still think that repository pattern is a good idea and it works well with Registry pattern, which can handle several repositories for SQL/Protobuf/JSon and etc. based storages
Learnt Java
Learnt JavaScript
Learnt C Language
Learnt Python
Learnt SQL
Learnt SQL
Graduated with Associates Degree
Learnt HTML
Learnt NodeJS
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At IUT Belfort-Montbéliard in France