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I launched PokéCenter — an online Pokémon community with a website and a forum.

We discussed topics on the forum, browsed the website to read news, guides, and go to the Pokédex. It's was at the time of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, so we also organized online exchanges and battles on the GTS (Global Trade System). We offered shinies to winners!

I was the webmaster and founded a team of moderators to manage the community of 400 members, and redactors to write the content.

PokéCenter introduced me to programming and designing, at age 11.

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Sep 02, 2021
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Onboarded new coworker
Today I met a new coworker and started their onboarding. I also read an interesting report on Gamer Generations which shows the trends in gaming from Gen X, through Millennials to Gen Z. It provided useful confirmation of what we already suspected and that will help in developing new kids IP.
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Just got this fresh report on Live Commerce by McKinsey in my inbox.

Among other insights, they found that companies report [live commerce] conversion rates approaching 30 percent—up to ten times higher than in conventional e-commerce. And some companies are seeing their share of younger audiences increase by up to 20 percent.

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Director of Operations, Korkuma
Wrote a Style Guide
Managed people
Coached an Intern
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Finished developing an oral history transcription style guide with a library and information science graduate student for the Eugene Masonic Cemetery Association Oral History Project.
Mentored someone
Managed people
Volunteered as an Archivist
Coordinated data management
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Started leading digital project management on the Eugene Masonic Cemetery Association Oral History Project. The project focuses on capturing the formation of the community organization's Board dating back to 1997.

As the project's digital archivist, I oversee and direct:
  • Collaborative strategic directions with the EMCA Board
  • Project planning and management
  • Digital project coordination and logistics
  • Coordination and management of digital project team volunteers
  • Mentorship and coaching of volunteers and interns interested in oral history project creation and dissemination

Established operational procedures
Space management
Improved process
Managed people
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Established operational management procedures for the UO Libraries Digital Research, Education, and Media (DREAM) Lab with support from Digital Scholarship Services leadership and a UO Libraries graduate student employee.