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Using SvelteKit
Using Svelte
Today I tried Svelte + SvelteKit for the first time.
I quite like it, a lot of stuff just "makes more sense" than in React.
Started 14 days ago
Launching a side project
Using Svelte
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Used JavaScript
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README. Checked.
DEVLOG. Checked.
Working prototype. Checked.

Completely functional architectured web application in JavaScript.

ZASA is ready to go into the world!

Built a PWA
Using Svelte
I wanted to try svelte. And I loved it. Just started this tiny PWA to write morse (morsure 0.0.4).  Some features to add like settings. Available here :

Good exercice to get an overview of the framework. Feel like writing in vanilla js with the observability included in the language. It's also very fast and lightweight.
Sep 12, 2021
Using Svelte
Took an interest in Svelte. Went through the First steps and all the basic functionality and concepts. 
Seems quite interesting. 

Next step: a small project to see the actual flow and the resulting code. 
Aug 28, 2021
Using Svelte
Wrote JavaScript
Used Snowpack
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I considered rebuilding my personal site in vanilla JS, but thought it might be worth picking up Svelte instead, since it would be great to add a speedy, lightweight framework to my arsenal so I have an alternative to React/Next/Gatsby and Vue. So I set up a Svelte project with Snowpack and got into it!
Using Svelte
Frontend Masters
finished the #svelte course by rich harris on frontend masters