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Started 16 days ago
Launching a new website
Using SvelteKit
Using Svelte
Wrote GoLang code
Wrote a BDD story
Github actions
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Made a hobby project to practice some of the things I was learning like Dart, Svelte, Go, BDD with behat, GitHub Actions, GitHub Copilot, etc.

Started 23 days ago
Hosting a podcast
Learnt Svelte
Learning TDD
Learning Golang
Launching a website
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The Software Engineers Podcast

Follow my podcast aimed at software engineers, programmers, and computer scientists. In every episode, I'll put one of the best engineers working behind the scenes in the spotlight.


Curated links sharing on my Telegram channel and website

I shared more than 200 curated links to my Telegram channel and my website. 


Started a web app
Using Svelte
Using Tailwind CSS
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Started ピンポン an app to record score for friendly ping-pong match.
Launched a new website
Using Svelte
Using SvelteKit
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My new website is live!

I worked a lot these last months to put together something that I was happy with. I'm not a UI designer, but I managed to draft something on Illustrator to help myself on building this website. 👨‍💻

Talking about the stack, Svelte with Sveltekit just seemed like a no-brainer to me, it's just too pleasant to work with and I don't regret this choice for a second. After some iterations, the blog landed on Contentful.

I added a lot of little things that are ✨ just me ✨ because why not. Elevator music featuring the Undertale OST, the song I'm currently listening and if I'm streaming on the footer, a whole narcissistic page called "About me" and some hidden features. 🕵️‍♂️

The website is also available in both English and Portuguese so I can reach more people. I'm planning to also translate the blog posts, but I'll leave that for the future me.

That sums it up pretty well! 👍
Built a PWA
Using Svelte
updated project
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Updated MapTilaZ to 0.1. A webapp (PWA) to generate array "code" for 2D game map by index or file name.
+ Change logo
+ Add tile collection management (delete/update)
+ Add more settings with your custom theme, rounded btn ....
+ Refactor some parts of code (so fun with svelte)
+ Click, Brush and picker
+ and more
Watch a video demo on my twitter
Demo made with tiles from https://www.kenney.nl
The PWA is available at https://maptilaz.netlify.app/

Wrote Documentation
Using Svelte
Using SvelteKit
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Published official Svelte documentation for Prismic, working with my great colleague Priyanka Maheshwari.