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Created by Moriel Schottlender, Principal Systems Architect at Wikimedia Foundation
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Built an architecture
Working on the model library for mellow. Since, starting my career as an Ember dev, I always miss the data adapter library similar to Ember data in the Vue js framework. Built our own data adapter library to seamlessly work on crud operations without repeating the same logic again and again.
Aug 02, 2021
Provided training for advanced hosting technology
Trained a new System Administrator
Hosted a training session
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This week (and next week) I'm helping run back to back sessions of System Administrator trainings centered around our Enterprise hosting solutions. We'll be training 4 of our newly promoted staff so they can effectively manage and administrate our complicated hosting solutions.

The students will learn a range of technologies providing: highly available services, data replication, load balancing and more. In total they'll (hopefully) learn 4/6 of these critical products really well. And have a good grasp of the other 2 we cover. To round out those skills "in the field" with real customers.

In total they will end up being exposed to the following tech:
  • MySQL replication,
  • block device based replication (via DRBD),
  • clustering tools (heartbeat/pacemaker),
  • KVM,
  • iSCSI, and
  • OCFS2.
A massive amount of things to learn in a brief period, but it's all great stuff!
Support Automation and Development Engineer (Linux), Liquid Web
Published an architecture artifact
Released Phoenix Proof of Value and prototype in Wikimedia Architecture repository.
Principal Systems Architect, Wikimedia Foundation
May 13, 2021
Wrote an ISA
Designed a Backend System
Built an architecture
Wrote a compiler
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Built an ISA for fun, it's a 16bit system that allows for ascii text output and simple drawing! GitHub