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Digital Gardening
if you need a place to start gardening, you might try here: 
Aug 07, 2021
Static site generator
Digital Gardening
I took this week as holiday. Mainly I spent it relaxing here in Brighton with my family, but I stole a couple of moments here and there to work on my personal site.

I began it in 2016, right before the current boom in static sites really took off and since it's personal anyway I choose to write my own static site generator in Node.js. I don't write as often as I should, but I do enjoy tweaking the generator and adding features. I added two little ones this week:

  • Photo notes uploaded from my iPhone (shortcuts integrate really nicely) now send the lat and long coordinates, and the generator uses these to determine the timezone (for example, Europe/London) the upload was from and format the date (for example, as BST) accordingly.
  • Pages now have backlinks. I've had webmentions for a while, but backlinks are for linking content from within my site. I want this to encourage me to use the site more as a garden (evergreen posts), or a zettelkasten.
Jun 22, 2021
Digital Gardening
Just spent 2:00 cleaning my digital garden... Feel cleaner in my mind too :)
Started 5 months ago
Building a Systems Map
There's a lot of false information at a large scale in society. How do we detect the truth in the digital world? How do we get here? Why are we here?

Currently exploring and understanding what's pulling and pushing the forces. Drafting it out on a systems map.