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#CatsOverPeople Tattoo

It's always been cats 🐈😍 
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Starry Night Tattoo

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New tattoo

G = God
> = is greater than the
^ = Highs &
v = Lows
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Polynesian (Tribal) armband tattoo

My first tattoo 🤩 
Oct 10, 2019
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Traveled to Istanbul
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Got my first spontaneous tattoo in Istanbul, Turkey.
And vlogged it, of course.

Flew to turkey. Got my first tattoo. Sorry, Mom.

This was the night we fell in love with Istanbul. It was just the perfect scenario that unfolded that night... as we were wandering around after dinner, we went to grab water at a little shop and while we were sitting on the stoop of electric tattoo in Galata -- the owner of the shop came out and Andi asked if he could do a quick tattoo.

To which he said, "Yes", ditched the birthday party he was currently on the way to. It then turned into a little tattoo party our first night all together in Istanbul.

It's all about timing people. And, I love my new bb tattoo.

Apr 09, 2017
Adam Young stan
Got a tattoo
Got a tattoo of artwork off an album by one of my fav singer-songwriters, Adam Young. This album is the instrumental story telling of Ernest Shackleton who attempted to sail with his crew to the Antarctic in the vessel Endurance. A story of resilience and perseverance, the album, the story, the artwork all combined just spoke to me. Fortitudine Vincimus (Through Endurance, We Conquer)
#endurance #perseverance