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Sep 10, 2020
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Jun 18, 2021
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Been a busy last few months but a couple of months ago my writer partner and I were asked to think about a creative roll out for the NBA Finals music performances. First thing we say is "🤔.....aight so who's performing?" because thats going to inform the creative, at least on the level we were thinking.
After some back and forth, brainstorming and IG scrolling it was clear - we write a script with Druski in mind around the potential talent. Druski's hilarious and has a nuance to his humor that was perfect for where we were headed conceptually we just needed the right performers.

Once Big Sean and 2Chainz came into the picture it was almost a cheat code to how easy the scripts were flowing. When we 🔗 with Druski he put his on finesse on the scripts and we were ready🤞🏾.

Check the spots out while I figure out what to order from Tender Greens.

Wrote API Documentation
Wrote SDK Documentation
Published API Documentation
Published SDK Documentation
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Initial Launch Of The MSFS SDK Public Docs!

The first draft of the documentation for Microsoft Flight Simulator when live on this day... Although woefully lacking in information, it was still a very big deal for me as it was the first public reveal of the work I'd been doing for the first few months at Asobo (as time has passed, it's been updated and improved, and is currently - as of June - about 70% complete). Although, in reality, it'll probably never be complete as the game and the SDK are going to be constantly evolving and changing. But I suppose that's half the fun of my job, isn't it? Constantly iterating over what's gone before, while learning new things and helping other people learn at the same time! :)
Wrote API Documentation
Wrote SDK Documentation
Lead Technical Writer - Asobo Studio

Currently writing the documentation related to the Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) SDK, as well as taking responsibility for the internal development documentation. It's a real treat to be working on such a prestigious project and with such an amazing team of people!

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