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Started 3 days ago
Introduced a Beta release
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Oct 22, 2021
Introduced a Beta release
Just finished writing some documentation introducing the Beta release of a product redesign to internal staff! There was a lot of back-and-forth with the product and engineering team so that I could screenshot the latest UI and highlight the most important features. I'm super excited to have people read through my work, test out the Beta, and ultimately get feedback on both as this is my first project as a Technical Writer at Sentieo!
May 01, 2021
Started working on a new project
Designed Mockup
Wrote a New API
Wrote API Documentation
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Assigned to work on implementing gamification features for a NGO Client's android mobile application for children to read books. 

- Used Django to create a backend API for tracking reading time accumulated by users, collection of badges, and streaks. Also created an Admin Dashboard for the client to easily add new missions, badges and award badges to users if there are edge cases that the system fails to detect to reward badges.
- Implemented gamification features in the Android app using recommended app architecture of LiveData and ViewModel.
- Created mockups to cover missing edge cases of initial design and also created mockups for future stories that can be worked on to add more value to the app.

Tech stack: Android (Java), Django DRF, AWS
Graduate Software Developer, ThoughtWorks
Nov 12, 2021
Drafted a Quickstart Guide
Published a Support Center article
I closed this work week with the submission of two Support Center articles and one Quickstart Guide!

I actually spent quite some time on the Support Center articles even though the PM had already drafted most of the content because I needed to:
  1. make sure I had the correct access to replicate and describe the steps as much as possible;
  2. figure out what screenshots, and possibly gifs, I had to insert to best visualize the content; and
  3. coordinate with the PM who is in a completely different timezone from me.

I also spent more time than expected on the Quickstart Guide because I wasn't exactly sure where to start. I had an existing Quickstart Guide to reference, but it's very different starting from scratch on your own. I ended up incorporating both the content document as well as existing Support Center articles to break down and describe the basics of the specified feature. I hope I was on the right track!
Oct 16, 2017
Wrote an academic article
Created digital art
Designed a website
Practiced Drawing
Painting with watercolor
Produced an exhibition
Studied a degree at Univali
Design a 3D character
Learning blender
Created a Storyboard
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I received my specialization degree in Illustration, from Univali - University of Vale do Itajaí. I studied from 2015 to 2017, at the campus of Florianópolis/SC.

Aug 15, 2015
Participated in the chapter of a book
Utilized Open-Source Framework
Wrote an academic article
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Flowchart: an application example

A step-by-step guide to transforming information and personas research into requirements for project development.

I participated in an academic project developed in 2015 and published in 2018, in the book “Visual Project Management: using information to innovate” by professor Júlio Teixeira. We apply the framework provided in class and present this case, which shows the study of the flowchart, which can help define requirements for different types of projects.

Complete book at Amazon: "Visual project management: using information to innovate"

View article in Google Academy

This project was developed with Univali's Post-Graduate Illustration team, during the course with amazing team: Betina Von Hohendorff Seger, Giselle Carolina Ferreira Zart, Ingryd Calazans Affonso, Mayara Barbato Flor, Giuliano Vieira Benedet.
Under the guidance of the teacher and author: Júlio Monteiro Teixeira
Illustration and infographic: Giuliano Vieira Benedet