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Chief Creative Officer, IEDC MACE
Aug 12, 2020

Right connections at the right time are just magical!

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Founder, Inclusive Tech
Mar 23, 2022
Disclaimer text shouldn't require a 200% zoom to be legible. Yeah, you've covered your ass. But you've also intentionally made it difficult for your users to read. That's a dark design decision.
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People Lead, Canda
Feb 04, 2022
Providing a safe space for the team to grow and learn should always be a top priority, but in many cases leaders don't know how to start. Getting the team onboard with your vision takes time, effort and integrity - if employees trusts your leadership team, you're halfway there.

Delighted to collaborate with Expert Circle on this topic and discuss the different approaches we can take to enhance the culture and productivity of business. So many valuable perspectives; particularly loved what Mark McArthur-Christie had to say about 'asking WHY' - at Canda | In-house talent experts one of our core values is #LiveToLearn and we constantly push for feedback on everything we do. Creating an environment where feedback is a core part of the culture starts at the top, and I'm very proud of the leaders in our business Louis Cross 🚀🌏Brad Coombes Lydia Headey (She/Her) Sheryl Abrey and Kyle Grainger 🚀 for truly embodying this and leading by example.

Definitely worth a read to hear what the rest of the talented panel had to say on this topic:

#culturefirst #startup #recruitment #culture #thoughts #hiring
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Director of Developer Relations, Sitecore
Jan 28, 2022

DevRelX Community Voice - 2022 Changes in DevRel

I provided some thoughts for the Community Voice message for DevRelX today:
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Founder, Aces Advisors
May 10, 2021
Led Discussion for @Twitter on live presentations.
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