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Received training and certification on Web Accessibility.
designed training program
In september start the new program for Talents as storemanager in furniture industry.
We designed a program over 15 month.

The launch will be supported by an emotional offline kickoff. We're very excited...
Coached a team
Delivered a group training session
Delivered a training session for a bunch of developers today. First out of three half-day modules on dealing with stress and building resilience. 
Loved the openness and engagement of the group!
Trainings & Workshops
Finished RedHat Trainning RH199
Aug 23, 2021
Trainings & Workshops
Teacher Qualification for teachers in vocational education in Zibo, Shendong Province China.
Lehrerweiterbildung für Lehrkräfte in der beruflichen Bildung in Zibo, Shendong Provinz, China.
Trainings & Workshops
Training and workshops should be fun and convey knowledge. 🥳

That is why I am currently completing a further education as a business trainer at the TAM Akademie. 🙌🏾

Who would like to exchange ideas on the conception and execution of trainings and workshops? Let’s chat. 📱