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Aug 07, 2021
Transit deserts
New York City
Planned a transportation network
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Stuff I care about: cities and transportation. Brother Can You Spare a Dollaride @Dollaride 
Planned a transportation network
I led the delivery of Dundas Connects, a master plan for rapid transit, intensified urban development, and an improved public realm for Dundas Street. I defined the scope of work, procured a 35-person project team, and led the development of a new bus-rapid-transit line for a 19km corridor, linking the Toronto subway with two commuter-rail stations, an LRT line, and a university campus... while also designing bike-lane infrastructure and land-use densification along the corridor. This plan, approved in June 2018, represents the future of transit and urban development in Mississauga, the sixth-largest city in Canada. For this work, I won the City’s 2017 Excellence in Project Management Award. 
Strategic Leader, City of Mississauga